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How many resumes do you have?

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Often controversial among those in career transition is the number of professional resumes that should be marketed. What is agreed is the fact that a resume must be professional, straight forward, free of typos, factual and contain impressive and quantifiable results which can be clearly relayed by sharing a situation, task, action and result. Employers and recruiters expect all potential candidates to be prepared to submit a resume. Certainly the difficulty, depending on how many resumes you have, could be “which one”?

Many networking organizations and social media sites such as HAPPEN, Monster, Linkedin, VisualCV, Indeed, CareerBuilder, ExecuNet and more offer an opportunity to post your resume online. If you believe a variation of resumes should be submitted to different companies and recruiting organizations the problem will arise when content from the resume submitted to apply for a specific position is compared to the resume which is posted online. There is no doubt that HR Professionals and Recruiters are checking out candidates online and a lack of consistent content could put your  credibility at risk. This is no different than professional online profiles. Personal branding is a difficult endeavour without a consistent approach and it is unlikely you are an expert at everything. You only have one name, one job history and one education so market it accordingly. If you are focusing on a career transition, share that information in addition to the initiatives you have put in place to achieve this goal. Honesty will be received more positively than trying to doctor a resume to make yourself look like you are qualified for a position which may be a far stretch from your experience.

Is it important to apply directly to a specific company and position? Absolutely! No one will disagree with matching your qualifications, expertise and “fit” to a specific company and position. However, it is not a “public” resume that should be used to achieve this. It is a professional, personal and well composed Cover Letter! One which will highlight those specific achievements and skills among the many contained in your resume that correlate with those of the position you are applying for. Although a resume is a critical “selling document” which emphasizes the accomplishments throughout your career, it is a factual history and not a personal document. Quite the contrary to this is a cover letter. It is personal, addressed to the decision maker, acknowledges your investigative efforts to know all there is to know about their company and why you want to work for them. It documents the skills, expertise and accomplishments which will show you are the ideal candidate for the position!


Online Profiles and Professional Resumes

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

For those currently managing a senior executive career, it is agreed that a professional online presence is a necessary requirement for a successful career in 2012. Professional profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook Pages are without a doubt the absolute minimum necessary to establish your online presence. Authentic, genuine, transparent; these are the key attributes to establishing a respected and credible personal brand. Recruiters and HR professionals will use your contact information from your resume to conduct an online search and verify details. Are you connected to the company’s you have been employed by? Have you included accreditation’s and links to colleges or universities attended? Have you managed your recommendations? Google profiles, blog sites and other professional networking sites also offer the ultimate opportunity to further enhance a clear, consistent and credible representation of YOU!

Although a strong Internet presence is critical to any professional seeking to advance in their career, there is still one very important document which is an absolute must and that is a Professional Resume! Why? Because it is the core of your job search strategy and could very will be the source for contact information and search criteria. Perhaps you have excelled so well at establishing your personal brand online that you have simply been discovered by an interested potential employer? That’s great but you will still be asked to submit your resume prior to an interview! An experienced Certified Professional Writer has the expertise to uncover your most influential achievements and qualifications; those same key attributes a potential employer is looking for. Your resume should be updated and ready to send at every available opportunity. When you pay a professional to compose this most valuable and influential document, you are receiving a document which will be highly regarded by HR professionals and Recruiters but also one which will provide most of the content necessary to establish a professional online presence. It is the consistency of content in your resume and online profiles which will ensure a credible and professional impression.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional resume in today’s job market! The most significant change in the past 15 years is not the relevance of a resume but simply that sharing it is now most often done online rather than as a paper document.


A Professional Resume and the ROI

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Numbers And FinanceThere are few investments any of us will make without giving careful consideration to the ROI (Return On Investment). Of the many investments to consider when managing a successful executive career, some will be long term, some short term and others may never present a clear or definitive return. The cost of furthering education such as that of acquiring an EMBA will likely take years before the ROI is fully recognized and even then it may be difficult to measure depending on the direction your career has taken. Investing in a new professional wardrobe could very well result in the look and self confidence that led to a close tie breaker in the final decision of a hiring professional but will you ever know for sure? Seeking professional advice from a reputable Certified Personal Branding Strategist or Certified Job Search Strategist is sure to positively impact your career with new opportunities arising as a result of establishing a genuine authentic brand and an effective job search.

Why you should plan your exit before you’re in the door by Deborah Stokes for Canadian Business is written in response to the shrinking lifespan of a chief executive position. The evolving shortened tenure only heightens the need to take charge of managing an executive career and perhaps the most critical investment; a professional resume from a recognized, Certified Professional Resume Writer! This is an investment that presents a  clear and significant ROI. A resume is your ticket in the door and if it impresses the decision maker you’re one step closer to your next position. Securing a job interview is wholly dependent on a professional resume. Although networking likely led to discovering the open position, or even a recommendation, it is still your resume which will precede the interview or preclude you from the interview. The leverage to negotiate a salary increases with the number of offers to choose from and the most clearly recognized ROI that a professional resume will provide is a significant reduction of the time spent in career transition. If you secure your next position within 6 months rather than 12 months as a result of investing $1,000 for a professional resume, the ROI based on an annual salary of $150,000 would be $74,000! You may not reduce your job search by 6 months but even 1 month could result in a substantial return on your investment.

Contact Elite Resumes for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.


Resume Writing and Seductive Words

Monday, December 5th, 2011

It should be obvious that the seductive words contained in a Harlequin romance novel may differ greatly than those found in a professional resume but the purpose of the words is identical;

to win over, attract, lure and entice!

Your resume must be capable of attracting the attention of the HR professional or recruiter. A professional appearance, free of spelling and grammatical errors, an enticing tag line, star quality accomplishments and key words which will be targeted in the scanning process; all are necessary for the reader to give consideration to your resume over the competition during the process of elimination!

If your resume does not eliminate you as a potential candidate on first review, it will be the words used in your resume to describe your soft skills, hard skills and experience that will attract the reader and secure the opportunity you are competing for; the job interview.

Give careful consideration to the words necessary to win over, attract, lure, entice the reader to take action and contact you! Consider the impact of the following words:

Wrote the performance review…” vs.Conceived and authored the performance review…”

Establish sales strategies…” vs.Devised and executed captivating sales strategies…”

“Committed to using my skills to succeed.” vs. “Situational leader and tactician; charismatic team builder, provides staff with the tools to succeed and deliver.”

Seductive, enticing, impressive words. These are words that are capable of winning over the potential employer and landing you a job interview. Would you go fishing without a lure?


Santa’s Professional Resume

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

It’s that time of year again! Santa has his professional resume perfected, (click on picture to view), and is looking forward to flying out to his next assignment.

Ho Ho Ho!

The next step for most would be a job interview but Santa will be able to skip this step in the process as his expertise eliminates any potential competition. Even the Grinch was no match for Santa. And so it is, with full confidence that Santa is ramping up for the busy season ahead!

Santa Claus is admired by children everywhere, but for those mature individuals who are currently in career transition, you may also want to look up to him as an ideal role model. He has a clearly defined career path, a professional resume filled with accomplishments and a never ending list of references,  which have all contributed to an outstanding reputation. He acknowledges the importance of personal branding, consuming cookies and milk at every stop despite his expanding physique. Santa has also been successful in establishing his online presence. Google Santa and review 1,880,000,000 search results!

Elite ResumesDo you need a free resume critique, advice on personal branding or perhaps some ideas on how to increase your google ranking? Make your New Year’s resolution today to find out about the executive career management services available at Elite Resumes.


Mistakes that will send your resume to the recycle bin

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Recycle instructionsA mistake on your resume is all the potential employer is looking for to send your resume to the recycle bin. As a potential candidate, you may feel you are the perfect choice but initially you will likely be represented as simply one of many resumes. Due to the number of candidates, the selection process is not always one of “finding a needle in a haystack” but getting rid of the hay to find the needle. It is a process of elimination which will be done quickly and require little cause to reduce the numbers to those which will be manageable in scheduling job interviews. It is imperative to understand these mistakes on your resume could send it to the recycle bin seriously impacting your career.

Age – Sex – Marital Status

These personal details have no place on a resume in North America or in most other countries. Any mention and your resume will likely to be discounted from further reading. Since this information has absolutely no impact on your ability to perform the job, it is considered discriminatory and should remain personal.

Political & Religious Affiliations

Leave them out! Although age discrimination is decreasing people will always discriminate for religious or political reasons. It’s none of their business, so why place an obstacle in your way? As much as you don’t want to be discriminated against, no potential employer wants to risk the accusation.


If your hobbies aren’t relevant to your career, leave them off. It’s information an employer doesn’t need to see. Again, your personal hobby could influence the reader on a personal level rather than professional, which is discrimination.

Volunteer Work – Community Involvement

Increasingly potential employers and recruiters are seeking people who participate in community activities and give their time for free. It says a lot about your character. However, if your volunteer work is related to religion or politics leave it out.

Employer Information

Including the name of your Manager and direct Supervisor and their contact details is not necessary. It has no relevance to your hiring. If the employer requires this information at the interview stage they will ask.


“References Available Upon Request” is a term which is severely outdated and simply a waste of space. It’s automatically assumed that you have a list of references which should be available on a separate reference sheet and taken with you to the job interview.


Your salary and bonus expectations are not required. Too high or too low, either could be a reason to eliminate you as a candidate or allow the potential employer to slot you into other positions that may not be of interest. Do not include any financial expectations in your resume.

Typos, outdated terminology and skills, lack of quantifiable achievements and too many pages are further mistakes on your resume that could send it to the recycle bin rather than securing a job interview. For further information on presenting a professional resume that is sure to get you recognized as a potential candidate, contact Elite Resumes for a free resume critique from Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.


Enhancing Qualifications On Your Resume

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

blue peafowlYour professional resume must be a fact-based, historical account of accomplishments. As the years pass, so should your qualifications continue to be enhanced by additional experiences, achievements and education. Your resume should clearly identify these ever increasing details which contribute to enhancing your qualifications and the ability to present an impressive resume.

Managing a successful executive career requires a continuous and conscious effort to seek out those initiatives that will contribute to enhancing your qualifications, maintaining a competitive edge as a potential candidate. Each position you hold will offer the opportunity to achieve results. Be sure to document all details of quantifiable accomplishments upon completion of tasks or projects. Do not wait until you need your resume written years down the road to test your ability to recall events! Reducing costs or increasing sales will not impress without corroborative numeric details.

Experience, accomplishments and promotions are sure to enhance your qualifications but there are other ways to beef up your resume. Do you have a continuing and consistent history of education? Enhance your qualifications by seeking out suitable courses or an accreditation to add to your educational background.

In addition to work history and education, volunteer work and community service will also enhance your qualifications. Focus on groups, organizations or municipal causes avoiding those with any inference towards politics or religion to avoid the risk of discrimination.

Continued attention to detailed and quantifiable accomplishments, further education and volunteer work or community service will all serve to enhance your qualifications on your resume. When was the last time you updated your resume?

If you are interested in acquiring an MBA, Canadian Business has provided an extensive report in their 2011 MBA Guide, which includes 39 institutions across Canada.


Discrimination in your job search

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

brainDiscrimination? Not in 2011! Unfortunately, regardless of moral or legal issues, facing discrimination in your job search can never be totally abolished. There will always be those with differing opinions from others. HR professionals, recruiters or senior executives do not always share the same opinion. There are many who will not consider a candidate without a degree and then others who believe experience is more valuable than a degree. Some feel maturity is defined solely by physical age and view it as an asset, while there are those who wouldn’t consider hiring anyone over 40! You will have your own opinion as a potential candidate and can choose to agree or disagree. Age, gender, nationality and appearance could influence some in the decision making process but hopefully not to any significant degree as they are all beyond your control and have no bearing on your qualifications to fill a position.

Recently, I was surprised to see the following advice offered regarding age discrimination; “most career counsellors will tell you to eliminate dates from your resume..”! (The author was not a professional career counsellor, nor did they provide any sources.) As previously stated, your age is beyond your control but lying about it or trying to hide it will most certainly result in eliminating you as a potential candidate. There may be a few decision makers who prefer to interview a younger candidate but you can be assured that all decision makers will decline interviewing any candidates that they feel are less than forthright, deceitful or trying to hide information. Employment gaps or missing graduation dates immediately sends out a red flag! More often, those who hide the dates on their resume are presumed to be much older than in reality; why else would they try to hide it unless they were really old! If you can’t be trusted to disclose basic information on your resume it is unlikely you will find anyone interested in interviewing you for a job.

Your resume is required to disclose professional information only. Do not include personal information such as religious or political affiliations. It would be easy to find those whose beliefs differed from yours or many who would not give consideration based on inappropriate content.

Contact Elite Resumes and obtain a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Martin Buckland.


Updates Available …

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

It is so common to see “updates available …” that you may not have noticed how often you actually choose to update; your email, WordPress site, computer, phone or social media sites.  Competition is fierce, technological advances are thrown at us at an alarming rate and an online presence is mandatory. Staying current with all updates will enable better performance, increased knowledge and a respected professional presence. The advancement and success of your career or business is relative to your acceptance of this need for constant change.

In addition to receiving available updates, it is also necessary to provide updates; “What’s happening? What’s on your mind? Share an update.” Active participation increases your online presence and provides friends, followers, colleagues, recruiters and potential employers a glimpse of “you”!  Are you sending a consistent stream of information necessary to establish your unique personal brand? Have you reviewed and updated all other information available within your online profiles and your resume?

A Business2Community post, September: Update Your resume Month! Don’t Forget About Linkedin, by Personal Branding Blog offers great advice on updating your resume.

Need help updating your resume? Contact Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer for a free resume critique.


Taglines Not Just For Businesses

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Color Jump (69/365)
A Tagline has long been a necessary marketing requirement for any successful company or business. “Good to the last drop”,  “Zoom Zoom”, “Let your fingers do the walking” and “Strong enough for a man but made for a woman”; all famous slogans or taglines used to successfully promote a product.

In addition to a professional resume, an online presence has become a mandatory requirement in managing an executive career. Professional profiles are expected to be found on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Just as a business or organization markets a product, you too are the product requiring the necessary marketing collateral to establish yourself as a credible candidate with the necessary expertise to get the job. Personal Branding is key to establishing a memorable and respected identity and what better way to promote yourself online and off than with a tagline?

“Embraces and defeats challenges to achieve operational, management and fiscal excellence.”

“Persuasive and compelling Instructor renowned for delivering memorable training sessions.”

“Action-oriented leader, faces challenges, unravels and resolves critical business issues and encourages staff to maximize their potential.”

“Sets and maintains high standards, steers the company to deliver unparalleled results and outperform the competition.”

Unless you have established a long and exemplary career, your name may say little about you but associate it with a  tagline, maintained consistently and professionally, it could provide you with the recognition you need to excel in your career.

Whether you create your tagline for your resume, business cards or social media profiles it is sure to help you stand out from the crowd. Give consideration to where you want to be in your career, why you should be considered the ideal candidate and what will best describe your expertise? Create a tagline to be remembered, generate a positive influence and establish your competitive edge!


Does Your Resume Generate Questions Or Answers?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

“I see the most recent position on your resume was from 2008 to 2011 and yet your previous employer said you left their organization in 2010. Can you explain this?”

“Your resume shows the title of your position as, VP but your Linkedin profile shows your title as Manager. Do you know what your title was when your were employed by this company?”

“The diploma you note in your resume does not reference a graduation date. Did you actually receive this accreditation and if so, in what year?”

“There is a substantial employment history gap in your resume. Was there any reason you did not want to share the information related to that time period?”

These may be questions generated by your resume but you will not have the opportunity to answer them in a job interview as the hiring professional will have eliminated you as a potential candidate. Your cover letter and resume must assure the reader you are the perfect candidate for the position to secure a job interview. If your resume generates more questions than answers, lacks pertinent details or appears to be embellished you will be cut from the competition.

If you have provided the answers in your resume that the HR professional or recruiter is looking for, you will be one step ahead of much of your competition and have the opportunity to sell yourself again in a job interview. Of course the answers in your resume must be relevant to the job description. As an accounting assistant, a solid resume will not eliminate the question, “Why are you applying for a position requiring a CGA designation?”

Does your resume generate questions or answers? Don’t take any chances! Obtain a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer to ensure you don’t miss out on another job interview!


How Competitive Is Your Resume?

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

September brings out the competition. If you put your job search on hold during the summer months, you are not unlike many others who are now back to work, back to school or readying their resume to engage in a full time job search.

HR professionals and recruiters are receiving double the number of resumes than what would have been submitted over the summer months. With an average time of 30 seconds allocated to review a resume, it is safe to say that the months of September and October will receive much less attention in order to manage the flood of resumes. How competitive is your resume?

In a matter of seconds, it will only take the glimpse of a minor mistake, one wrong move and the decision maker will have reason enough to send your resume to the recycle bin, if it even gets printed. The limited time available will not allow for a detailed examination of content until the number of resumes has been reduced to a manageable level putting your resume in a highly competitive process of elimination.

It is a rare occasion that a resume is not sent via the Internet. What program are you using to send your resume? What font are you using? What format? First and foremost your resume and cover letter must be accessed in order to be reviewed. Send it to yourself, a friend, colleague or family member as a test to ensure it can be opened and read and remains in the format created. If you choose to use a .docx rather than a .doc, it is possible that someone will not be able to download it. If you choose a font which is not commonly used, it is possible that someone will open it that does not have that font available. If you are not careful with formatting your documents, you could have someone open up a 2 page document that spans 4 pages. A competitive resume will be easily downloaded and viewed as sent.

Competitive resumes will look professional with a consistent font type, size, limited white space and free of underlining or shading. 2 to 4 pages is the acceptable length in addition to a cover letter addressed to an individual which relates to the position and highlights the necessary experience and qualifications which will be supported in your resume.

Minor typos and grammatical errors will not be overlooked. If you do not put the time and effort in to preparing your resume without mistakes it will be seen as a reflection of your work. A competitive resume will have been spell checked, grammar checked and reviewed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer prior to being submitted for consideration as a potential candidate.

Is your name clearly displayed with the necessary contact details including a Linkedin address? Do you have an enticing tag line? Are soft skills and hard skills clearly defined? Beginning with your most recent position, is your title highlighted? Are accomplishments noted in bullet form beginning with an action verb and explained clearly as a situation, task, action and result? Have you included all of the relevant keywords and explained any significant employment gaps? Are all dates displayed for degrees, diplomas or other accreditation’s?

How competitive is your resume?


Who has read your resume?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Hopefully you have had your resume read by everyone you know including a Certified Professional Resume Writer before sending it out to an HR professional or recruiter. A professional resume is a critical component in any job search. It is a document that will get you in the door for a job interview or dismiss you from consideration. If for any reason it does not impress the decision maker, you will be eliminated as a potential candidate so it is in your best interest to have it read by a professional but don’t stop there. Your resume will be distributed to a wide range of decision makers so acquiring feedback from multiple sources will also be beneficial and who better to request support than from family and friends? As your strongest supporters, friends and family are likely to be forthright in their evaluation of your resume and those close to you may also remind you of an impressive achievement that you might otherwise have long forgotten.

Don’t miss an opportunity to network and welcome more support by sharing or exchanging your resume with colleagues. Offer feedback on what impresses you when you review their resume. Will your most impressive attributes and accomplishments stand out when your resume is scrutinized? Acquiring constructive and positive feedback will help to ensure your resume will get the attention you want and inspire continued networking; the most successful job search tool.

The resume writing support from friends, family and colleagues can be very helpful, although none are likely to be Certified Professional Resume Writers, so be sure to seek out the professionals before you submit your resume to apply for a position. Typo’s, contact information lacking a home address, phone number or Linkedin address, employment history gaps, inappropriate personal information, lack of quantifiable accomplishments, missing graduation dates or too many pages are just a few reasons your resume could result in your elimination as a potential candidate.

An experienced Certified Professional Resume Writer knows what decision makers are looking for so get your resume read by submitting it for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer to ensure you will get the job interview you are seeking.


What Color Is Your Parachute?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Richard Bolles has done it again, What Color Is Your Parachute?, A Practical Manual For Job-Hunters And Career-Changers 2012. Revised and updated annually with over 10 million copies sold, it is the best selling job-hunting book in the world!

Martin Buckland is proud to be mentioned in this 40th edition as the Canadian career expert! Richard includes the link to Martin’s list of 2,010 action verbs at Elite Resumes available for free when you sign up: 

Be sure to check out this new anniversary edition of What Color Is Your Parachute?, another amazing resource for job seekers!


Winner of a Free Certified Professional Resume

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

In a series of blog posts, Keywords are Key is Here!, which list the top keywords for 22 industries, Elite Resumes offered to provide a free Certified Professional Resume, which was drawn August 15th from those who posted comments with further keywords. We would like to send our congratulations to the winner, Bill Baker who will receive a free resume written by Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted their comments and additional keywords. Your participation was appreciated! Please feel free to contact Elite Resumes if you are interested in submitting your current resume for a free resume critique.


Job Seekers Disagree With Recruiters

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Where is your career path?As a job seeker, is it in your best interest to disagree with recruiters? As with any endeavour, not exclusive to a successful job search, it is imperative to listen and learn! Whether you agree or not is not always relevant to achieving the intended goal. You can disagree with what recruiters are looking for but that won’t change the facts. If you want to succeed and generate as many opportunities as possible to ensure your career success don’t waste time deliberating over what you believe the recruiter should be looking for. A common sense approach to assist in a positive and productive job search would be to focus on ways to accommodate that which will have a positive influence on the majority of recruiters.

How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less by Brad Remillard of IMPACT Hiring Solutions generated lots of comments from those who agree or disagree. It appears the majority who agree are also recruiters and HR professionals and of course those who disagree are those who will depend on their decisions. Unless you are a highly sought after, senior executive it is unlikely that you will be the decision maker in whether or not you get a chance to interview for the job! To influence the decision maker the best advice is to listen and learn and ensure your resume presents the pertinent information that the recruiter is looking for.

Of course there will always be a variety of opinions from recruiters regarding what they are looking for in a  resume so again, common sense should prevail. Whether you agree or disagree, consider the opinions of the majority. Do you want to send out a resume that will impress 2% of recruiters because you agree with them or do you want to impress 98% and increase your chances in securing a job interview?

Contact Elite Resumes for a free resume critique from Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.


Win A Free Resume from A Certified Professional Resume Writer

Monday, August 8th, 2011

In a series of blog posts, Keywords are Key is Here!, which list the top keywords for 22 industries, Elite Resumes is offering a free resume to be drawn on August 15th. Anyone who submits a comment to any of these blog posts will be entered in the draw and the winner will receive a free resume written by Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer. This offer is valued from $600 to $1200.


Your Resume is all about You

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Your resume is all about YOU and maintaining an updated professional resume at all times, employed or not, will ensure you are prepared for your next opportunity. Although you may be content in your current position, it is impossible to predict the future and the possibility of going from employee to job seeker could happen when you least expect it. Quantifiable accomplishments are critical content for a resume so keeping your resume current will eliminate the need to try and recall details from the past or the inability to note impressive results on your resume.

Your resume represents You and so too, will your ability to provide a current, professional resume at anytime upon the request of an HR professional or Recruiter. It will reflect your due diligence, competency and genuine aspirations for career advancement earning you respect and the acknowledgement of your confidence.

You and your resume are one and the same with your most defining attribute being your name. It should be displayed on your resume in a font that is both larger and bolder than any other content. In addition, your position titles and your diploma/degree should also be displayed in bold. Do not bold the company name or the University or College name. Further to contact details, which now require a Linkedin address, your title should be prominently displayed followed by an enticing tag-line.

Your accomplishments will be more impressive and easier to notice by quantifying results so use numbers. Anyone can say they increased sales but not everyone has bragging rights to say they increased sales by 150% over 6 months! You and your resume must exude confidence to stand out from the competition and have a positive influence on the decision maker. For inspiration, make note of the following quote from SteveWeber, “Be bold about what you have to offer the world! If you hold back, people sense the insecurity of your offer.”

Are you and your resume ready? Submit your resume to Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer for a free resume critique.


Do You Have One Of The Worst Resumes?

Friday, July 15th, 2011

You would think sales and marketing professionals would know what an impressive resume looks like, after all, a resume is simply a marketing tool. HR professionals, with extensive experience reviewing resumes should also know how their own resumes should look in order to positively influence decision makers. However, this is not the case and after 18 years as a Certified Professional Resume Writer providing over 15,000 free resume critiques, I can confirm that the worst resumes I have critiqued have consistently been submitted by sales and marketing professionals and HR professionals.

Perhaps those producing the worst resumes are relative to various professions where  often the emphasis is on the clients needs rather than their own such as the lawyer who prepares wills but doesn’t have one or the plumber with leaky faucets. Regardless of the profession, the fact is most people are not good at selling themselves, which is why it is imperative that a professional review your resume before you ever send it out. Don’t sell yourself short by submitting one of the worst resumes.

Submit your resume for a free resume critique from Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.


Skills Required in 2011

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

ConfidenceA professional resume must communicate a great deal of information to decision makers in a clear and concise manner. Highlights of achievements and a detailed work history in addition to continued education are only a portion of the required content. The skills required in 2011 which will be key influencing factors in your job search include hard skills, soft skills and an online presence that is professional and consistent with the information provided in your resume.

Professional resume writing continues to evolve and is relative to that which most positively influences the majority of decision makers. Today more than ever, soft skills are an important factor to your candidacy and some will agree, even more critical than hard skills. Many organizations are willing to provide the education to acquire hard skills and are recognizing soft skills as valuable, natural talent.

In addition to the increase in the importance of soft skills, there is one more skill that is getting all the attention in 2011 and that is establishing and maintaining a professional online presence. If you are working with a Certified Professional Resume Writer you will be expected to provide your Linkedin address as a key component of your contact data. Dan Schawbel notes the importance of an online influence in Mandatory Skills You Need to Compete in This Economy and says, “Employers want to hire people who are already established and can help them communicate.” You can be assured that HR professionals and recruiters will google your name before considering you as a potential candidate.

Are your soft skills clearly relayed in your resume? Does it contain your Linkedin address? Contact Elite Resumes for a free resume critique from Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.


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