On a Resume, White Space is Wasted Space

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As a professional resume writer, I only have 11”, 22” or 33” (1, 2 or 3 pages) to sell my clients, which I do by clearly, succinctly and powerfully telling their career story. It can be very challenging to fit it all in, especially for a senior executive with 30+ years of experience. Resume real […]


Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer? The 98% versus 2% Equation

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Many people often question the financial investment of hiring a professional resume writer, but let’s look at this from a cost versus benefit advantage. According to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts, “98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the ‘Top 2%’ of candidates make it to the […]


Choosing the Best Format for Your Resume

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The format of your resume creates the first impression about you, even before the hiring manager or recruiter has read one word of your text. First impressions count! The wrong format creates a negative tone in those first crucial seconds, when the whole idea is to create positivity, engagement and excitement. While there are three […]


Resume Bloopers

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I love my job as a resume writer. I get to help people and make them shine in times of stress. I can turn a negative into a positive and make my clients feel so uplifted and ecstatic. Without lying or embellishing, I can make anyone look good. In fact, I have one of the […]


How to Start and Maintain a Brag Book of Career Achievements

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When you’re in career transition, your resume must tell a compelling, striking and resonating story based on your history of accomplishments. Unfortunately, as time passes, you’ll be less likely to remember examples that date back to the 90s, 80s or earlier. What is a brag book? A brag book is a collection of career stories […]


How many resumes do you have?

Often controversial among those in career transition is the number of professional resumes that should be marketed. What is agreed is the fact that a resume must be professional, straight forward, free of typos, factual and contain impressive and quantifiable results which can be clearly relayed by sharing a situation, task, action and result. Employers […]


Online Profiles and Professional Resumes

For those currently managing a senior executive career, it is agreed that a professional online presence is a necessary requirement for a successful career in 2012. Professional profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook Pages are without a doubt the absolute minimum necessary to establish your online presence. Authentic, genuine, transparent; these are the key attributes […]


A Professional Resume and the ROI

There are few investments any of us will make without giving careful consideration to the ROI (Return On Investment). Of the many investments to consider when managing a successful executive career, some will be long term, some short term and others may never present a clear or definitive return. The cost of furthering education such […]


Resume Writing and Seductive Words


It should be obvious that the seductive words contained in a Harlequin romance novel may differ greatly than those found in a professional resume but the purpose of the words is identical; to win over, attract, lure and entice! Your resume must be capable of attracting the attention of the HR professional or recruiter. A […]


Santa’s Professional Resume

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It’s that time of year again! Santa has his professional resume perfected, (click on picture to view), and is looking forward to flying out to his next assignment. Ho Ho Ho! The next step for most would be a job interview but Santa will be able to skip this step in the process as his expertise eliminates any potential […]


Mistakes that will send your resume to the recycle bin

A mistake on your resume is all the potential employer is looking for to send your resume to the recycle bin. As a potential candidate, you may feel you are the perfect choice but initially you will likely be represented as simply one of many resumes. Due to the number of candidates, the selection process […]


Enhancing Qualifications On Your Resume

Your professional resume must be a fact-based, historical account of accomplishments. As the years pass, so should your qualifications continue to be enhanced by additional experiences, achievements and education. Your resume should clearly identify these ever increasing details which contribute to enhancing your qualifications and the ability to present an impressive resume. Managing a successful […]


Discrimination in your job search

Discrimination? Not in 2011! Unfortunately, regardless of moral or legal issues, facing discrimination in your job search can never be totally abolished. There will always be those with differing opinions from others. HR professionals, recruiters or senior executives do not always share the same opinion. There are many who will not consider a candidate without a degree and […]