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Recruiter asks, “Are you on Facebook?”

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Recruiters and HR Professionals continue to turn to social media as a resource to post jobs and source candidates. A number of surveys show this number to be approximately 90%! If you are actively managing your career, you are aware of the importance of Linkedin, the number 1  professional online networking site. Certified Professional Resume Writer’s have insisted on including a Linkedin address on professional resumes for over 5 years.

Linkedin currently has over 180 million users. Twitter has surpassed 500 million and Facebook recently reached 1 billion users! With these phenomenal statistics it is easily understood why Recruiters and HR Professionals are embracing Twitter and Facebook in addition to Linkedin. What is surprising is not the fact that a number of clients have been asked by recruiters, “Are you on Facebook?” but that they are unprepared to answer the question.

It is unlikely the Recruiter asking the question is not already aware of the answer and instead is leading up to the real question, “Why are you not on Facebook?”

The following answers will not be well received:

  • I don’t like Facebook
  • I have too many friends and relatives that are inappropriate on Facebook
  • I lack the technical savvy to set up a profile
  • I want to keep my personal life hidden
  • I don’t know what Facebook is

If you thought avoiding Facebook would be a positive step in managing your career, think again. Ignoring a network of over 1 billion people will send a red flag to decision makers.


What are you paying for?

Monday, August 13th, 2012

It is unfortunate that there are many organizations with a much greater interest in taking a customer’s money than they are in providing the services they are offering. Recently a client shared their horrific tale of hiring an executive career change organization with the expectation of a resume and a job. The fee was $12,000 and like many others, the $10,000 or $12,000 fee did not net them a job from this U.S. based company. A Toronto based company charging a $5,000 fee and changing their name on a regular basis has also left many feeling ripped off and without the job they were promised!

If a company is promising you a job for a fee, do not engage their services! Reputable, qualified and certified individuals provide individual services for a fee that could lead to a job but the decision to pay for these professional services should only be made after a thorough investigation outside of their website or organization. Start with Rip Off Report.  Review certifications, experience and references. Network to obtain recommendations from satisfied friends or colleagues.

A reputable supplier will have references, significant experience and certifications. If you don’t understand what you are buying don’t pay for it! Social Media services are abundant but it is blatantly apparent that most of the services do not include any consulting or education but simply a signed contract for a year of auto tweets. If you have 2 Followers on Twitter, this is a total waste of money and the person selling it should be ashamed to do so! It should also be understood that a personal investment in your business or online profiles is key to establishing credibility.

Another company providing the website and hosting for a client set up a site with a contact me link that did not link to the contact information page. An online search found the individual associated with the company listed as an Online Expert. I note this simply to point out the fact that the website did not contain any links to any online information; not Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter!

If you are dealing with a supplier who has little time or interest in educating you with detailed information about the product or service they are providing consider this a red flag and avoid taking the risk of being ripped off.

Do you know what you are paying for?


Online Profiles and Professional Resumes

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

For those currently managing a senior executive career, it is agreed that a professional online presence is a necessary requirement for a successful career in 2012. Professional profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook Pages are without a doubt the absolute minimum necessary to establish your online presence. Authentic, genuine, transparent; these are the key attributes to establishing a respected and credible personal brand. Recruiters and HR professionals will use your contact information from your resume to conduct an online search and verify details. Are you connected to the company’s you have been employed by? Have you included accreditation’s and links to colleges or universities attended? Have you managed your recommendations? Google profiles, blog sites and other professional networking sites also offer the ultimate opportunity to further enhance a clear, consistent and credible representation of YOU!

Although a strong Internet presence is critical to any professional seeking to advance in their career, there is still one very important document which is an absolute must and that is a Professional Resume! Why? Because it is the core of your job search strategy and could very will be the source for contact information and search criteria. Perhaps you have excelled so well at establishing your personal brand online that you have simply been discovered by an interested potential employer? That’s great but you will still be asked to submit your resume prior to an interview! An experienced Certified Professional Writer has the expertise to uncover your most influential achievements and qualifications; those same key attributes a potential employer is looking for. Your resume should be updated and ready to send at every available opportunity. When you pay a professional to compose this most valuable and influential document, you are receiving a document which will be highly regarded by HR professionals and Recruiters but also one which will provide most of the content necessary to establish a professional online presence. It is the consistency of content in your resume and online profiles which will ensure a credible and professional impression.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional resume in today’s job market! The most significant change in the past 15 years is not the relevance of a resume but simply that sharing it is now most often done online rather than as a paper document.


The Power and Influence of Social Media

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

One Tweet and your vacation is over. One video on YouTube and you’re suddenly a superstar. One connection made on Linkedin and you have an interview for your dream job. Another click of a button on Facebook and you are reunited with a long lost friend or relative. If you are not active online, you may not be aware of the power and influence of Social Media.

Someone who knows someone who knows someone; that is likely how you met your best friend, secured your last job and found your favourite boutique. Every time you meet someone there is the potential to generate new opportunities. The difference between networking face to face and online is approximately one billion people! Of course, this does not mean that you will automatically generate new opportunities without any effort anymore than if you attended a networking event and chose not to introduce yourself to all in attendance. The power and influence of social media will not be recognized if you do not manage your reputation and connect with others to increase your network and enhance your visibility. The decision to stand out in the crowd or stay lost in the crowd is directly related to success or failure.

The World’s 25 Most Reputable Companies lends insight into what is important in establishing a visible and highly respected brand. Google any of these organizations and it is clearly evident these organizations are fully aware of the power and influence of Social Media.

The World's 25 Most Reputable CompaniesBy establishing your personal brand and harnessing the power and influence of Social Media you will have the ability to achieve infinite possibilities.


A Personal Touch

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Many of you are likely subscribed to a number of feeds providing the latest blog posts on executive career management, Monster’s job posts or a daily inspirational article. Recently, I opened one of hundreds of articles that I have been subscribed to for the past few years and quickly deleted it. When I realized I had barely looked at the content prior to deleting it, it suddenly occurred to me why this particular blog post didn’t resonate with me.

This is a favourite blog post which I often share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. As an inspirational post, many of the authors are recognized for their courage in sharing their own personal experiences touching on failures and successes to offer advice. The key word is personal! It denotes a genuine and authentic impression lending credibility to the content.

The reason I quickly deleted that particular days article without investing the time to read it was because it lacked a personal touch; the photo! Since all but this one post have consistently provided a personal photo and short introduction, it wasn’t until I received one without it that I realized it had been a key component of these articles; it put a human being behind the words. It was a personal touch which generated a first impression of credibility.

First impressions count! Reaching out to offer a firm handshake is the personal touch which will interest someone to get to know you. It is a personal message on Linkedin rather than the generic message that will inspire someone to link in with you. And it will be a professional photo added to your online profiles which will create a positive first impression and the personal touch needed to generate credibility. It will influence decision makers to invest the time to read your profile and discover your qualifications. Although your cover letter and resume will not include a photo, the opportunity is still there to add a personal touch by sending it attention to a specific individual and adding content which is directly related to the company and position.

The face to face personal touch, whether a firm handshake, a genuine smile or a friendly greeting will generate a positive impression. If you want to share information online, a professional photo generates a positive first impression and is key to establishing a genuine, authentic and credible brand. Don’t forget this most important personal touch!


Elite Resumes has been providing successful resume help and job search strategies since 1993. Martin Buckland, Principal of Elite Resumes, is one of Canada’s leading authorities on highly effective resume writing, high impact cover letters, successful job-search strategies, executive coaching, personal branding and interview tutoring. He has many years of training, experience, professional development and industry knowledge. Tap into his elite network of key human resources, executive search firm and placement contacts.

Martin’s certifications elevate him to an elite group of career professionals in North America:

Certified Professional Resume Writer
Co-Pilot Executive Coach
Certified Job & Career Transition Coach
Certified Job Search Trainer
Certified Professional Branding Strategist
Certified Employment Interview Professional
Online Professional Networking Strategist
Microblogging Career Strategist
Social Networking Career Strategist

Certified Social Media Career Strategist


Stop! Don’t hit send…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Backspace key and enter keyDon’t hit send…yet! The impression you leave could be a long and lasting one. Do you want to brand yourself as professional, intelligent, mature, patient, considerate and understanding? Although those managing an executive career would share a resounding “yes”, too many are taking a high risk with online comments which could be construed as arrogant, antagonistic or lacking compassion and professionalism.

Today we are sharing comments with hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of people! It is true that our enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of us but it is during these times that you must take your fingers off the keyboard! Walk away, take a deep breath and enjoy a cup of green tea.  Heightened emotional states do not present a foundation conducive to presenting a professional personal brand.

A recent thread of numerous comments on Facebook had one individual standing out from all the rest. Approximately 10 people shared complimentary, friendly, light comments regarding a photo but one individual chose to post accusatory, insulting, rude comments using inappropriate language. The intended recipient certainly gained my respect when he simply ignored her unfounded and unnecessary comments. If an employer was able to view this profile, it would be a very easy decision to eliminate the obvious troublemaker from a list of potential candidates for hire.

Standing behind your values, morals and opinions is acceptable unless you feel the need to initiate an offensive online diatribe with someone who disagrees. A conversation which continues on long past any chance of a reasonable conclusion or mutual agreement may only impact a few, whereas online you could be leaving a permanent, negative impression that will be seen by hundreds, thousands or even more! Don’t comment back and forth to the extent that you have exhausted a topic. Agree to disagree or simply let it go! Any professional, social interactions entered into online require respect and should never reach the “I’m right and you’re wrong” stage.

Offering advice can be seen as thoughtful, giving, generous and further enhance the expertise and professionalism of a personal brand but a recent Linkedin discussion easily portrayed an individual as anything but, when the advice offered contained more personally directed negative criticism than it did positive advice.

Think positive, think professional and give serious consideration to the personal brand you wish to establish. Online comments have the potential to increase your visibility and your opportunities! One bad day and a few emotional or negative comments could easily tarnish an otherwise impressive personal brand and eliminate you from consideration as the next CEO or VP! Don’t hit send until you are sure the comment you are posting is appropriate and professional!


Are you a Follower or a Leader?

Monday, January 30th, 2012

20120106-NodeXL-Twitter-edreform network graphOver 800 million people have established profiles on Facebook and are actively engaged in networking. In Canada, that includes more than 50% of the population! In the past 3 months the largest growth in Facebook users was aged 45-54 followed by 55-64, 35-44, 25-34 and 65-0! In the past 6 months, Canadian Facebook users increased by 590, 960! Visit for further statistics.

Do you have a Facebook account? Are you a follower or a leader? If you have access to the Internet, it is simply a matter of time before you will decide to follow the other 800 million people and join Facebook. There is no doubt that for many it is the natural resistance to change that could be holding them back so if the numbers are convincing enough, it should be noted that Facebook was launched almost 8 years ago!

Another influential social media site is Twitter which was established in 2006 and currently has over 462 million users. An easy to use, real time resource, Twitter has become a favourite source for all who recognize it’s potential.

The absolute minimum online presence for anyone managing a career or business is Linkedin. Currently with over 136 million users, Linkedin provides a professional site with the resources to display authentic references and a career history linked to company’s and organizations. Networking with other professionals, following companies, job listings and the potential to connect with key decision makers around the world makes this the ultimate in job search tools.

Social media is not a passing fad and the consistent growth of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to name only a few, will ensure these social media sites continue to be key resources in the successful management of any career or business. No longer is there a choice to be the leader in joining these sites but by following those who did take the lead you are sure to discover the many benefits of online networking!


Social Media is Not a Fad! Learn It, Live It and Reap the Rewards!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

CSTD Presentation, September 22. 2011

Learn how social media has changed how we do business. Find out which social media sites you need to have a presence on and how to use them. Discover the power you have to generate opportunities by embracing a global community!



Microblogging Career Strategist

Monday, August 22nd, 2011


Microblogging Career Strategist Joins Elite Group

When Martin Buckland looked for even better ways to serve career-minded professionals, he decided to pursue world-class training through The Academies, Inc.

With reports of as much as a 10-to-1 jobseekers-to-jobs ratio in today’s economy, job seekers have a new ally on the job hunt. Martin Buckland, Principal of Elite Resumes and executive career management professional, took time from his business to join an elite group of career professionals learning the latest on job searching via social media, specifically via Twitter.

Author Susan Whitcomb, nationally known leader in the careers industry and CEO of The Academies, Inc., co-author with Chandlee Bryan and Deb Dib of The Twitter Job Search Guide (JIST), facilitated the program—a comprehensive curriculum that reveals how Twitter is dramatically changing the ways that jobseekers find and identify positions and how they are landing jobs in a tough job market. Buckland passed the tests to earn the Microblogging Career Strategist credential, an excellent addition to his 18 years of experience with job seekers.

To help people win and succeed in fully satisfying careers, Buckland now has even more powerful tools, including knowledge of:

- The secrets others have used to leverage Twitter to land job offers

- Building a personal brand, professional presence, and community on Twitter

- Using tools like to be the first to hear about job openings

- Finding and connecting with previously inaccessible company insiders, recruiters, and other

influential networking contacts.

“I can offer so much more than the sum of what I learned,” said Buckland. “I’m excited about showing people how to use Twitter to turbocharge their job search and advance their careers. “And, I have an expanded circle of colleagues who share my dedication to partnering with people who want to manage meaningful careers and move forward faster.

For more information: 
Contact Martin Buckland, Executive Career Management Professional at Elite Resumes. Or follow @MartinBuckland @EliteResumes @EMBACareerCoach


How do you look?

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

As you walk in to your job interview you can be assured that your physical appearance will strongly influence the decision makers. Current style, well groomed and a professional attire will all contribute to a positive first impression. But how do you look online? Melissa Bell, The Washington Post’s article, Online Exploits Can Derail Hiring in includes an important quote from Hasan Elahi at a TED Global talk, “We’re all creating an archive of our own lives, whether we’re aware of it or not.”

Further to how you look in a job interview, companies have been looking at your past requesting criminal checks as a standard part of their hiring process. The process was then expanded by some companies to look at your credit history with credit checks and today, companies like Social Intelligence are being hired to provide social media background checks.

Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle, states, “…75 percent of recruiters are required by their companies to do online research of candidates. And 70 percent of recruiters in the United States report that they have rejected candidates because of information online”

The information you make publicly available online must be carefully considered! It is not just the friend you are messaging  or those who visit the site where you  posted your comment or the relative you invited to the all night bash that will have the ability to look at what you have posted online. How will it make you look to a prospective employer?

Those currently in a job search need only stay current to understand the impact they are creating with every public, online post. Unfortunately, most of our youth are unable to visualize 10 or 20 years into the future or understand the maturity and professionalism that is necessary to successfully manage an executive career.

There is no need to jeopardize an authentic personal brand when giving consideration to what you are posting online. Simply ask yourself if the same common courtesy provided in a face to face engagement is being extended to the online engagement. Unfortunately, there are many people who lack empathy when posting online which is most disturbing considering the fact that a post or comment on a public forum for all to see has a greater potential to emotionally offend or result in devastating consequences.

If you are not sure how your comment will be received

If you are angry or hurt

If your comment is a personal attack or an insult

If your comment discloses your involvement in illegal activities


Above all, do not post sexually explicit photos online even if you are absolutely positive that you may consider a career within that industry. Most individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 are adamant that they will never change their minds about anything but some of us have been there and know better.


89 Percent Will Use Social Media for Recruiting

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

A recent Jobvite survey showed 89% of employers will use social media for recruiting this year. For those currently using social media, 64% said they had hired people through a social network. John Zappe, provides an exceptionally informative article, More Employers Than Ever Recruit On Social Network elaborating on data from the Jobvite survey and Pew Research Centre report on social networking sites and our lives.

Today’s job search couldn’t be more different than it was just a few years ago so if you’re new to the scene be prepared for a huge learning curve! For many it may seem overwhelming but don’t use the excuse that you’re too old to change because over half of all social media users are over 35 years old! Most fears surrounding social media are unfounded and further research shows Facebook users are more trusting, get more social support, have closer relationships and are more politically engaged. You may also be surprised to know that only 7% of Facebook friends are people users have not met before and only 3% are people they have only met one time.

If you are managing a career it may not be a prudent choice to ignore Facebook with 700 million users or Twitter with over 200 million users but without a Linkedin profile, currently with over 100 million users you are guaranteed to limit your job search success.


Your Career Needs Social Media – Get Started

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A job search, successful career path, credible reputation; all require a social media presence or you will disappear as a viable candidate. According to statistics, many reading this will already have established their social media profiles but for those still needing the support to get started follow these basic steps because your career needs social media.

  • A professional email address is the key requirement to establishing social media profiles. If you have an old hotmail address or your email does not contain your formal name, create a new one. is a good choice.
  • The number 1 professional networking site is Linkedin! There are over 100 million users and it is a major resource for recruiters and HR professionals seeking potential candidates and verifying credentials. It is the premium start to influence a successful career. If you do not have a web site, this will provide you with an excellent address to add to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will be prompted with the necessary tips for 100% completion of your profile. Join Linkedin today!
  • Twitter is the number 2 social media site nearing 300 million users. It is quick and relatively easy to create the profile and requires a minimal amount of information. As with all social media sites, the basis for success is the time and effort required to network and establish valuable connections. This is an exceptional resource to interact with real time events and news, search for jobs and follow targeted companies. Follow your interests.
  • The social media giant with over 700 million users is Facebook! No matter what you’ve heard, you can’t argue with the numbers. A personal profile can be easily established and with it you have complete control over who you decide to invite or accept as a friend and various options to customize privacy settings. Once you have signed up for a personal profile you will have the ability to create your professional Page which can then be maintained completely separately from your personal profile and enhance your career. Sign up!

Just 4 more tips to help you get started:

  1. As with your email address, a professional and consistent rendition of your name should be used on all social media sites. Linkedin allows you to customize your address (URL) and is a good indication of what may be available on other sites.
  2. Invest in a professional photo. You will not generate a professional and credible online presence using the default image.
  3. A google profile is also free and allows you to create a highly visible online presence providing the opportunity to add all of your personalized links to the social media profiles that you have created.
  4. Use the help resource. All of the social media sites offer a “help” resource and if you are unable to find the answer to your question there simply google your question.

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Employers Utilizing Social Media

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Managing a successful career involves utilizing social media to establish profiles, network, follow targeted companies and keep abreast of the job market. With recent surveys showing over 80% of employers utilizing social media to seek out candidates, it is no longer an option if you are interested in advancing in your career.

A professional resume must contain a detailed career history, notable accomplishments and education. Although references have always been maintained separately, it is unlikely you will be asked to provide them. Why? Because, in addition to confirming the accuracy and consistency of the data in a resume with online profiles, employers are also looking for references online. Do you have the necessary testimonials in your profile that the employer is seeking to solidify your candidacy?

A written hard copy testimonial or a name and phone number are no longer easily shared information. If you have this information, re-create the content online and ask the author to verify it to enable you to include your  recommendations within your online profiles. If you have not made the effort to obtain references and testimonials, it’s never too late to start! Don’t make it difficult for a potential employer to verify you are the right candidate for the job!

Whether managing your career or business, testimonials are a necessary component of your online presence.


Personal or Corporate Branding and Authenticity

Monday, May 30th, 2011

One loud voice and millions of unheard voices is a fair analysis of years gone by but social media is changing everything from the political landscape to corporate social responsibility. Transparency and accountability; genuine, authentic and legitimate; these are the attributes that social media has unearthed and placed at the forefront in the success of your business, professional career or political aspirations. The availability of shared information is extensive and the spotlight must shine on a verifiable, engaging personal or corporate brand. A brand displaying an openness to communication, engagement and the testimonials to further secure credibility. A successful brand is not achieved simply by a well worded mission statement, it requires actions and accomplishments that will back it up.

A post, Social Media as Corporate Whistleblower follows up on a Tim Horton’s corporate social responsibility initiative with 3BL Media which appears to be all talk and no action. We can be assured that the increase in available online information and the social media spotlight will show the credibility or lack of credibility for all initiatives.

How Much is Superior Service Worth to Customers?, by Kimberly Weisul reports on a survey by American Express which is one more example of the ease of sharing information, acquiring feedback and clear expectations from a global client base.

Social Media was described in April 2008 by Joseph Thornley as follows;

“Social media are online communications in which individuals shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author. To do this, they use social software that enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content and to form communities around shared interests.”

The perspective of millions is now being shared rather than that of a small percentage of authors. The increase in our knowledge base is phenomenal. An established social media presence can provide an abundance of connections with satisfied customers, friends, past employers,  groups, family, education, interests, organizations, successes, expertise, colleagues, recruiters, companies and more. If consistent and verifiable, you can be assured of an authentic personal or corporate brand.


Social Media is Engagement

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Lotus ringThere are many words used to describe social media but the one word that truly relates to what sets it apart from all other medias is engagement. The opportunity to engage provides the optimal platform to establish a genuine, authentic, credible, human and highly influential presence.

Those involved with Barrack Obama’s social media campaign in 2008, which still stands as the most successful political endeavour to date, understood the power of social media and engagement. Almost half of all Americans were using the Internet and studies showed 28% said the Internet made them feel more personally connected to the campaign with 22% saying they would not be as involved without it according to a survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project. Further studies showed Obama with close to 400% more followers on both Facebook and MySpace, 240 times more followers on Twitter and over 400% more subscribers and over 900% more viewers on YouTube than McCain. Obama’s social media success was clearly reflective of the election results which is why Optimum PR and Dare Labs created The Social Election Experiment in an effort to forecast results for Canada’s federal election.

The social election results were based on the number of Facebook “likes” obtained by each party across the social web and showed the Liberals as the most well-”liked” party in the country, followed by the NDP and then the Conservatives with the Bloc and Green Party’s in fourth and fifth respectively. However, the final election numbers were clearly not reflected by the “likes” of Facebook as Canadians voted in a majority Conservative government. Although half the population of Canada has a Facebook account, it seems their vote was not reflected in Facebook Pages as shown by the over 60% of Canadians that voted, Canada Votes 2011.

Had the Liberal campaign involved a stronger social media initiative to engage voters, is it possible that voters would have felt more “personally connected” and cast their vote for the leader of the most “liked” party? Those assigned to closely follow the Liberal leader acknowledged him publicly as an open and receptive candidate in contrast to those comments describing the Conservative leader. Was the power of social media ignored? Was it simply a fear and smear campaign utilizing Television ads, the discontent surrounding a federal party that failed in representing a single province, a party appearing more disjointed than united, an aversion to change or the complete satisfaction with the current party that influenced the decision of almost 20 million voters? Is it possible that close to 40% of Canadians did not cast their vote in this Federal election because they felt disengaged? Could party leaders have utilized social media to engage voters and establish their unique personal brands to rival that of a long standing political presence easily securing the official opposition for the first time in the party’s history? What do you think?


Claim Your Public Profile!

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Social media has presented a tremendous learning curve for some but with it an understanding that it has the potential to be a key component of success. For many others the emotional or psychological discomfort associated with establishing a public profile has led to a conscious decision to avoid it at all cost. Unfortunately, it could be a very costly decision. If you can’t be found or worse, the online results for your name show a less than reputable profile, you could be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Without an established online presence, it is still highly recommended that you google your name. The fact that you are not interested in your own online profile does not mean that someone else isn’t. Online searches to verify the identity, history, credibility, references and achievements of individuals continue to increase at an amazing rate. Not unlike investigating a new product, resort location or local service, our due diligence involves a background check into the value and authenticity of what is offered. As a business owner, you do not want to risk the only online results showing up to be that of a disreputable organization with the same name and lose out on potential sales.

If you are managing a career it is important to know that over 80% of recruiters and HR professionals are currently searching online for potential candidates. Not only has this become the norm, decision makers are also choosing to utilize online resources such as Linkedin in order to review testimonials and verify references.

If you do not claim your public profile you could miss out on opportunities for two simple reasons:

  1. You can’t be found
  2. You are mistaken for someone else

Here are 3 possible scenarios for those who have not claimed their public profiles:

  1. You recently attended a convention related to a personal interest hobby and made a significant impression on a well connected speaker. The speaker decides to look you up online with an offer that could take you out of a job you hate and transition you into the industry of your dreams but: you can’t be found or worse you are mistaken for someone else and it appears that you might have lied about who you said you were.
  2. A company executive remembers your name from a previous organization and believes you could be a potential candidate for a high profile position but: you can’t be found or worse, you are mistaken for someone who has been incarcerated.
  3. You have interviewed for a job and all that is left to secure your new position is a reference check. The results online fill the first page but all it verifies is that you could be a Russian girl from the Russian Brides Cyber Guide’s “Black List”, a scam girl! Will you get the job?

There is no cost to establish your online profiles but if you don’t claim your public profile you could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, a position that could have saved months of unemployment,  your dream job, an invite to discover your life’s passion, the chance to connect with a dear friend or relative or perhaps, the love of your life!


Options Increasing for a Professional Online Presence

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Peaking ThroughThose who are serious about managing their careers have established a profile on Linkedin, recognized as the number 1 social media site for professionals. With over 100 million users and over 80% of recruiters and HR professionals searching for potential candidates, it is without a doubt a critical resource in career management.

Competition, as it is in a job search is just as fierce in social media and a professional online profile is no longer exclusive to Linkedin. Recently ExecuNet announced a free Associate Membership which includes a newly revamped networking site for professionals. An excellent opportunity for senior executives to join a reputable organization, “connecting leaders since 1988″ and one which will substantially increase an already significant membership.

In addition to Linkedin and ExecuNet there is an exceptionally worthy rival in establishing an impressive online presence for professionals; Facebook. If you are not familiar with Facebook Pages check out the most successful organizations in the world because you will find them on Facebook. It is not necessary to have a public link between your personal profile and your Facebook Page. With over 630 million users, Facebook is the most influential social media site in the world forecasting users to exceed 1 billion by year end.

Twitter is one more viable option for increasing your professional online presence providing an opportunity to interact globally in real time and follow over 200 million users. Create your online profiles to assist decision makers to discover how qualified and talented you really are.


Twitter is Five Years Old!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Yes, it has been five years since Twitter was launched. It’s still here and still going strong despite being misunderstood by many. I’m not sure the name Twitter or reference to the 140 character Tweets didn’t severely damage initial impressions for many but for those who are familiar with Twitter it is described as nothing less than “revolutionary”! Brian Solis said, “Any network that can bring an audience to an impassioned voice on demand will over power any organizations attempt to suppress it.” There are over 200 million users, mobile use has increased 182% in the past year and it is undeniably one of the top three social media sites in the world! posts, Twitter turns 5, goes from 0 to 140 million tweets a day, and includes the following quotes from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, “The big thing I learned from Twitter are these concepts of immediacy, transparency, and approachability,” says Dorsey. ”I think Twitter’s done a very good job for the communications industry.”  Personally, I couldn’t agree more!

In the top 3 is the #1 professional social media site, Linkedin which has recently exceeded 100 million users and the most popular social media site is Facebook, with over 600 million users and expected to reach one billion users before year end!

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Fear Not – Social Media

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Time There are many reasons for putting things off  but when referring to social media, is it possible that your procrastination is fuelled by fear? The term “social media” is one which still generates a blank look from many. Although everyone knows what Facebook is, social media tends to be associated with some kind of complex fad. It is anything but a passing fad and it has become a mandatory component in successfully managing any career or business. A simple explanation of the term may help to provide a better understanding and assist in dispelling some of the fear that may be associated with the use of social media.

“Media” is simply a medium of communication. We are familiar with print media, which is the communication or sharing of information via newspapers and magazines. Social media is the use of Internet-based applications such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Naymz, Quora, FourSquare, Plaxo, to list only a few of the thousands of sites that provide the ability to create and exchange information online. These applications, or social media sites, provide an environment for interactive dialogue on any level with the potential to influence millions!   

Understanding what social media is may not relieve all of your reservations but fear not, social media sites will continue to evolve with an open forum of information provided by users influencing the need for ease of use and enhanced security settings. Mobile apps are also making it easier to remain connected. Businesses are realizing the phenomenal return on investment utilizing social media to provide amazing offers on products and services and over 80% of recruiters are searching online for potential candidates. Social media is an amazing collaboration from millions of contributors which creates an unlimited source of opportunity!   


The Value of Social Media

Friday, February 18th, 2011

concertGoogle and Facebook in talks with Twitter. This, according to the Wall Street Journal, which also questions the $10 billion value of Twitter with only 12% of Internet users when Facebook has 62% of Internet users and is valued at $50 billion.

Regardless of the monetary value of Twitter, this social media site is a valuable resource to all who utilize it. Although, the fact that it was only launched in 2006 and is now sporting a price tag in the billions should be a wake up call to those who have regarded Twitter as nothing more than an annoying tweet. 

Twitter was launched 3 years after Linkedin and 2 years after Facebook but there is no question that it is one of the top three social media sites. Often misunderstood, Twitter is simply one of thousands of social media sites. What makes it stand out from all the others is “real time” information with an unlimited network, ease of use and over 200 million users! Social media provides everyone with a voice and that opportunity to be heard can be very powerful. Sharing information, gaining knowledge and networking can help you to achieve all that you desire.

John Antonios recognizes the value of social media and shares some interesting facts on Twitter’s role in The Social Media Revolution – Spotlight On Egypt.   

10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011 provides a quote representing the value of social media beyond that of a monetary value:

“Once feeling powerless to fight against personal and cultural injustices, today people know they have the power to voice their grievances, the tools to bring about change and the ability to take control of their experiences.”


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