One Word to Describe YOU

What is the one word that you would use to describe YOU? This is an important question to consider as you focus on a personal branding strategy which is the foundation for establishing your online professional profiles and the successful image you will portray as you progress throughout your career.

Most surprisingly the word most often used by those in career transition to describe themselves is “passionate”. Surprising because the majority of people are not perceived as ”passionate”. The trend to use this particular adjective may be attributed to the prevalence of information available suggesting we will achieve success if we find our passion. While this could very well be true, the word to focus on should be one that describes you in your entirety, one which relates to you as an individual and reflects your personality. You may be very passionate about playing hockey but a wall flower at social engagements. Your passion for your job may be evident but your family sees only a couch potato.   

Here are a few suggestions for the one word that may describe you:  

Enthusiastic, visionary, committed, driven, tenacious, ambitious, detailed, tactful, diplomatic, resourceful, innovative, strategic, courageous, strong, accurate, optimistic, reliable, intelligent, respected, supportive, knowledgeable, creative,  influential, ingenious, indomitable, persuasive, persistent, intuitive, inquisitive, professional, leader!

Give serious consideration to consulting with your colleagues, mentors, friends and family to gain further insight into how others perceive you. There are a variety of behavioural assessment surveys and self awareness programs available. A professional Executive Coach or Personal Branding Strategist will also provide valuable feedback. If the perception of others is totally different than how you see yourself, it will be an impossible task to establish a credible profile and a respected personal brand.

Authentic and genuine are the keys to any successful brand. Choosing to do anything different will put you in a very negative spotlight. Just ask Tiger Woods. No one appreciates being deceived.

Contact Elite Resumes to discuss your brand with a Certified Professional Branding Strategist and Executive Coach.      



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