Does Your Resume Have The WOW Factor?

If you are going to get your resume noticed, it must have a “WOW” factor. Simply put, it must catch the attention of the reader! 1,000′s of resumes are being submitted  for the same job and unless your resume stands out above the rest, you will not be given the opportunity to be considered for the position you are seeking.

There are only a few seconds that will be given to perusing your resume. The initial quick glance must show the reader that your resume has been professionally prepared, neatly organized, free of spelling and grammatical errors and worthy of further consideration.

If you have not provided sufficient contact data or have decided to omit your phone number and the HR professional reviewing your resume prefers to contact by phone, you face elimination before they even know who you are or what you have to offer them.

A projective is your 6 to 8 lines of fame. Your opportunity to sell yourself and show the reader your immense potential to fulfill their needs. It is the key to creating the WOW factor in your resume.

Accomplishments, accomplishments, accomplishments! Your experience must be achievement based. What have you achieved? What are your key accomplishments? Tell the story based on STAR, situation, task, action, results. Describe how you increased sales by 200% in your first six months with that company and the reader will be thinking that you could be the person they are looking for to fill the senior sales position.

If your resume has the WOW factor, you will call the reader to action and land a job interview! Does your resume have the WOW factor? Contact Martin Buckland for a free resume critique today and don’t miss out on your next opportunity.


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