Hard Skills and Soft Skills

Quantifiable accomplishments are critical to producing a resume that will get you noticed but equally important is clearly identifying your hard skills and soft skills. 

Most people have invested a great deal of time establishing the following hard skills;

project management, financial management, budget P&L, contract negotiations, executive leadership, program management, business development, matrix management, outsourcing, merchandising, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, GAAF-IFRS, risk management, recruitment, talent development, product launch, direct sales & B2B, marketing, customer service, sales forecasting, technology management, systems migration, mechanical engineering, production management, process improvement

Hard skills represent the experience and education you have gained and will be very significant criteria to hiring managers but equally important are your soft skills. A candidate with the right soft skills has the potential to acquire the hard skills an employer may be seeking.

Soft skills represent personality traits, social graces, communication and include dependability, concientiousness and optimism. Here are a few examples:

ambitious, tenacious, technically minded, articulate, analytical, inquisitive, patient, methodical, collaborative, persistent, diligent, competitive, honest, intuitive, bold, innovative, optimistic, leader, confident, intellectual, passionate, inspirational, adaptable, goal oriented, cooperative, dependable, caring, conscientious, detail oriented, focused, dedicated, organized, strong aspirations towards gaining knowledge, achieving results and exceeding expectations

Have you clearly articulated your hard skills and soft skills in your resume?

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