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Create A Winning Resume Workshop

A resume workshop for corporations, associations and professional organizations – really?  Why

It is simple.  Leadership starts at the top and companies that want to attract the best and brightest talent when in growth mode understand the value of keeping their existing workforce vibrant, and the value of their reputation as “a company that cared” as a risk mitigation factor when it is time to downsize.

This is an interactive 4 hour workshop steering participants through the art of professional resume writing, simplifying and addressing latest trends in resume screening, recruitment and selection. Included in each workshop is an 80 page workbook customized to your corporations’ needs.  Click here for a sneak peek at the table of contents.

Participants will dissect their existing resume, uncover weaknesses and commence writing a new keyword rich and accomplishment-driven resume to match the automated process and land on the desk of hiring managers.

Who should attend?

Corporations undergoing significant restructuring, mergers and acquisitions or pending closure need to provide their staff with the tools to fortify their position within the company and / or on the job market to strengthen their employee’s competitive edge.

Organizations seeking to enhance the skill set of the leadership team through a thought provoking self-discovery of attributes and achievements.

Associations wanting to provide their membership with the latest techniques on resume writing and digital recruitment strategies to position the members for career advancement.

“In preparation of a merger between two multibillion-dollar companies, Martin was brought in to lead a workshop with some of our leadership team in order to prepare our resumes and social profiles for the merger process. Martin brought a wealth of experience and provided valuable insight that was supported by current facts and figures from multiple job markets. The content was delivered with a level of honesty, conciseness and humour that was refreshing and greatly appreciated by all. Using Martin’s feedback, I was able to take my resume and social profiles to the next level, in preparation for whatever comes next.”

“Elevated, was how I felt at the end of Martin’s overview…I finished the session with the tools necessary to create a winning resume.”

Rejuvenate Your Resume, Reap The Rewards
This is the #1 most frequently requested and attended seminar. Participants will learn how to transition an outdated resume into the 21st century.
Key points addressed include:
• The Changing Face of Resumes
• Resume Types
• Critical Contact Information
• What’s Your WOW Factor?
• Determining Your Brand
• Creating a Pro-jective
• Documenting Accomplishments (The STAR Story)
• Supplemental Information
• Formatting Rules

Building Your Business and Your Brand
At some point, we’ve all made a product purchase based on how it was marketed. The same theory holds true to Hiring Managers when comparing potential employees.  The brand associated with you (or lack of a brand) can have a positive or a negative effect on your “sell-ability”.
Key points addressed include:
• Introduction To Branding
• Why Personal Branding
• The Reach Three-Step
• Process 1-2-3- Success
• Measure and Evolve

Rejuvenation Visibility Optimization
In this workshop, participants will acquire professional resume writing tips to help rejuvenate their resume, discover the top online networking sites to increase their visibility and effectively use these components to optimize their job search.
Key points addressed include:
• Rejuvenate Your Resume
• Resume Formats
• Networking Online and Offline
• Internet Presence – How visible are you?
• Creating Online Profiles
• Optimizing Your Job Search

Career Strategies
Learn how to optimize your job search, eliminating barriers to recruitment.
Key points addressed include:
• Personal Branding
• Target Audience & Competitors
• The Communication Wheel
• Networking & Your Elevator Speech
• Have You “Googled” Yourself?
• Resume Distribution

Create Winning Cover Letters
As a complement to the Create A Winning Resume workshop, participants continue to build upon the lessons taught in building an effective resume and discover a crucial document that must accompany your resume. Your cover letter brings your experience to the present and delivers a winning message for your employment.
Key points addressed include:
• Types Of Cover Letters
• Customizing Your Cover Letter
• Tips and Techniques
• Incorporating Keywords and Key Phrases

Create A Winning Online Profile
A resume is just the beginning. Establishing an online profile is critical to effective networking as part of your job search strategy. This workshop describes the pertinent social media sites and the steps to establishing your online presence.
Key points addressed include:
• Have You “Googled” Yourself?
• Why You MUST Be LinkedIn
• Creating A Consistent Message
• Making Effective Connections
• Putting It All Together

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