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Where Are The Jobs?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

If you are in career transition you are discovering that landing your next job may not happen within a matter of days or weeks or months or even years! There are many factors that will determine your success and reduce the length of your job search including a daily commitment, as finding a job is a full time job! Additionally, a carefully and methodically planned job search strategy should be reviewed and implemented with one key question in mind, “Where are the jobs”?

Close to 90% of recruiters are utilizing social media in 2011 to source potential candidates. Since they have the jobs, you need to be there. Establishing and maintaining a professional online presence utilizing Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook is a key job search strategy. In addition to networking online it is also imperative to network in person with no less than 2-3 meetings per day and at least that many per week attending professional networking groups. The likelihood that networking will be key to finding your next job is greater than any other job search strategy and it could take months off the length of your job search!

The number of online jobs continue to rise but use your time sparingly searching online job boards as it is not where the jobs are. At least not the majority of jobs. Although many positions can be found, recruiters have a more vested interest in enticing employers and other organizations to utilize their services for a substantial fee than using it to find potential candidates. It has been suggested that the success rate in securing a position from online job boards is approximately 4% so invest your time wisely by ensuring your professional resume is posted on all job search sites and updating it daily since your chances of being found will be greater than that of finding a job.

Dramatic changes in the economy and the rise and fall of various industries have impacted career directions around the globe. Job seekers are encouraged as employers are recognizing the value of transferable skills as well as the confidence and initiative required to successfully pursue a new career path. Of course success will be related to choosing the industry that will take you to where the jobs are. It would not be considered a prudent decision at this time to transition from Finance to Manufacturing or from mobile to land line technology so stay current with changing trends and technologies, economic conditions and business news to increase job opportunities. Be sure your qualifications meet the requirements of the position you are applying for to avoid extending your job search any longer than necessary.

Where are the jobs? Hidden, which is why networking is the best job search strategy with the best results.

Where are the jobs? Recruiters and HR professionals are trying to fill them and 89% are utilizing social media to search for potential candidates. Will they find you?

Where are the jobs? The upswing of many industries and evolving technologies will indicate where the jobs are so stay current and use the knowledge to assist in paving the way toward a long and successful career.

Reevaluate your job search strategies and ensure your path is leading you to where the jobs are especially this summer when most of your competition have decided to drop out of the job search race.

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Your Career Needs Social Media – Get Started

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A job search, successful career path, credible reputation; all require a social media presence or you will disappear as a viable candidate. According to statistics, many reading this will already have established their social media profiles but for those still needing the support to get started follow these basic steps because your career needs social media.

  • A professional email address is the key requirement to establishing social media profiles. If you have an old hotmail address or your email does not contain your formal name, create a new one. is a good choice.
  • The number 1 professional networking site is Linkedin! There are over 100 million users and it is a major resource for recruiters and HR professionals seeking potential candidates and verifying credentials. It is the premium start to influence a successful career. If you do not have a web site, this will provide you with an excellent address to add to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will be prompted with the necessary tips for 100% completion of your profile. Join Linkedin today!
  • Twitter is the number 2 social media site nearing 300 million users. It is quick and relatively easy to create the profile and requires a minimal amount of information. As with all social media sites, the basis for success is the time and effort required to network and establish valuable connections. This is an exceptional resource to interact with real time events and news, search for jobs and follow targeted companies. Follow your interests.
  • The social media giant with over 700 million users is Facebook! No matter what you’ve heard, you can’t argue with the numbers. A personal profile can be easily established and with it you have complete control over who you decide to invite or accept as a friend and various options to customize privacy settings. Once you have signed up for a personal profile you will have the ability to create your professional Page which can then be maintained completely separately from your personal profile and enhance your career. Sign up!

Just 4 more tips to help you get started:

  1. As with your email address, a professional and consistent rendition of your name should be used on all social media sites. Linkedin allows you to customize your address (URL) and is a good indication of what may be available on other sites.
  2. Invest in a professional photo. You will not generate a professional and credible online presence using the default image.
  3. A google profile is also free and allows you to create a highly visible online presence providing the opportunity to add all of your personalized links to the social media profiles that you have created.
  4. Use the help resource. All of the social media sites offer a “help” resource and if you are unable to find the answer to your question there simply google your question.

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Changing The Direction Of Your Career

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Have you been following a career path based on past history without  considering current or emerging trends? Is your current career negatively impacting your health? Are you bored or just plain unhappy with your job? Perhaps today is the day you need to give serious consideration to changing the direction of your career.

Although predictions of future trends are just that, predictions, most credible sources should not be ignored especially if it could have a direct impact on your career. Analyzing emerging trends could provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime to become involved in the products or services needed to satisfy the demand that trends create. Keeping abreast of current trends could also provide you with the fortitude necessary to transition out of a failing business. Check out CB Online, Trends to Follow for Success in 2011

A highly stressful job can have a devastating impact both emotionally and physically. Whether it is a long term career which has become more stressful over time or a specific job that no longer provides the satisfaction or sense of accomplishment that it once did, your health could be at risk. Are you experiencing more sick days than usual? Are you lacking the drive necessary to get you through the day? Is it job related? Changing the direction of your career may be the answer to a healthier and happier life. Jim Taggert writes, Is Work-Life Balance Beyond Our Reach?

Fear of change or of the unknown can present unnecessary hindrances to your career success. Changing the direction of your career can be a daunting or unnerving decision to make. Share your commitment and goals with friends and family. Locate professional  organizations in your community to network with other professionals in career transition. Seek out success stories as found at Stuart Knight’s, HumanDetour:

“She was on her way to becoming a big wig at a big company when things came crashing down. Instead of seeing things as a loss, she saw it as an opportunity.”

“This lady is insanely positive, resilient and successful for it! Sammie used to work in a hospital and now she is the founder and owner of a hugely popular fitness organization.”

“She was  a high school math teacher who became a fashion designer in New York City.”

Seeking the advice of career professionals, a Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, a Certified Personal Branding Strategist or a Certified Job Search Trainer will assist you in setting a clear and concise course of action to changing jobs or the direction of your career. A Certified Professional Resume Writer will have the ability to revamp your resume easily recognizing key transferable skills and highlighting those accomplishments that are relevant to the  new career direction.

Take the initiative and seek out the necessary knowledge, be committed to a healthy work life balance, proceed with the support of colleagues and gain confidence working with career professionals to sell your transferable skills to your next potential employer to transition into a new field or industry.

The Career Collective is an online community of expert career advisers and resume writing professionals. Each month these experts provide valuable information to assist job seekers to gain the competitive edge necessary to succeed in the current job market. For professional advice in your job search visit:

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Professional Advice For Your Job Search

Monday, March 14th, 2011

A job search can be a highly emotional journey and a time when you will want to avoid any investments that will not provide a substantial ROI. Obtaining professional advice or services is a critical resource in a successful job search but it is important to exercise your due diligence in your selection.

If you’ve been in your job search for awhile you are aware that there is by no means any shortage of job search advice and services. You may also know by now that there are many organizations willing to accept a substantial payment and in return will promise to find your dream job. There are two words to ensure you make no mistake when choosing professional job search advice or services; CERTIFIED and REPUTABLE.

When seeking professional advice for your job search ensure the individual has the appropriate accreditation’s and obtain a reference. Do not proceed without investigating recommendations and testimonials. If they are reputable it will be an easy task to verify.

The Career Collective is an online community of expert career advisers and resume writing professionals. Each month these experts provide valuable information to assist job seekers to gain the competitive edge necessary to succeed in the current job market. For professional advice in your job search visit:


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Put Spring Into Your Job Search

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Mr RobinSpring is in the air! It inspires us to take a deep and cleansing breath. Our enthusiasm becomes heightened with the anticipation of the change in scenery, moreso for those of us surrounded by the white stuff, flowers blooming, leaves unfolding and the sounds of many species of returning birds. There is a renewed sense of optimism, excitement and an unconscious urge to just smile for no reason. Now is the time to embrace this positive energy to put spring into your job search and refresh your outlook, reassess goals and renew incentives.

For many it’s been a long, cold season surrounding a longer than expected, demanding and challenging job search. Many months have put a strain on efforts to remain positive and ward off the ever impending sense of discouragement. Enduring 2, 3 or even more  job interviews for one position with a variety of senior level decision makers over a long period of time seems to be the norm. With little or no indication regarding the potential outcome, the apprehension associated with an uncertain future can be debilitating and sabotage any chances of success.      

Put Spring into your job search to regain the necessary positive outlook to succeed in your career. A new season coupled with a fresh look at your job search resources and strategies could bring about the much needed inspiration to increase your level of confidence, resilience, persistence, enthusiasm and optimism; critical attributes to your career success. Here are a few tips to get you started:    

  • Get outside for a walk. Let your senses appreciate all that is Spring! There’s a reason, “stop and smell the roses” is often heard. Stress will have a negative impact on a successful job search. If you can’t handle the job search how will you handle the job?   
  • Invest in a new Spring suit. If you look good, you feel good. The first impression you generate is based on your looks and style of dress, like it or not! 
  • Obtain a free resume critique to ensure you look as good on paper as you do in person.
  • Review online profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to ensure your content and photos are updated, consistent and professional. 
  • Revisit your list of targeted companies to ensure it is a viable list and follow each company on all available social media sites.  
  • Investigate networking meetings in your area and don’t miss any opportunity to network whether on a bus or in an elevator. Put Spring into your job search and your smile, confidence and positive energy will generate positive results and a lasting impression. 

Elite Resumes provides executive career management services to an international clientele. Contact us today for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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Job Search Then and Now

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Conducting a job search many years ago would have involved following up with family members and neighbours or a quick read of the local newspaper. Job listings may have included openings for a typist, stenographer, milkman, elevator operator or perhaps a senior level position that required travelling to another country. Travel that would require weeks, not hours as the mode of transportation was by ship not a jet. Word of mouth was often all that was required to get you in the door or a hand written resume might have been delivered to a local company. A telephone call to your home, the only communication tool available other than postal delivery, might advise of a job interview or simply a start date that would be entered into as a lifetime position! 

That was a job search then and now, a paper resume dropped off at a company would likely be refused or recycled! Resumes are now computer files, submitted online at the click of a button to recruiters, online job boards and HR departments at small businesses or large corporations. Online job boards and social media sites present job listings from around the world. Communication through various networking sites, email or mobile is more common than a home phone and out of country travel is a normal occurrence. A job interview may involve a phone interview with a head office located in another country. Or perhaps you’ll be required to use your computer with web cam to engage in an online interview on Skype. Continuous networking and a visible online presence are necessary components in the successful management of any career as today’s job search will be repeated many times. Most careers will consist of many positions throughout numerous organizations.

Whether conducting a job search then or now there is one constant that is still attributable to the success of any job search; word of mouth! Who you know and who will recommend you will transcend time as an influencing factor to decision makers, far outweighing your chances of being noticed by responding to an advertised position without a personal introduction. Networking continues to be the most successful job search tool available and has become a much easier task with the advent of social media sites such as Linkedin. You will be amazed at who knows who, who works where, who knows who’s hiring, who is being promoted and who is hiring to fill the newly opened position.

Do you have a professional Linkedin profile? Have you acquired testimonials from past and current positions? Are you actively involved in Linkedin Groups? Have you targeted specific companies and are you following them on Linkedin? How many connections do you have?Are you actively networking and inviting  others with an enticing, customized message that clearly articulates why they should connect with you and your reasons for wanting to add them to your network of professionals?

Follow the Linkedin Group Toronto ExecuNet or register at Elite Resumes to attend an ExecuNet Meeting, facilitated by Martin Buckland since 1999.

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Let your presence be known or send out a red flag

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Welcome to 2011! If you have not recognized the emerging career trends over the past few years, this will be the year that you will need to take note or risk limiting your executive career opportunities. Whether in career transition today or possibly in the near future, competition in your job search will be fierce. In order to gain the necessary competitive edge to position yourself for consideration as a potential candidate, you must let your presence be known! If you cannot be found you will be sending out a red flag.

Transparent, authentic, genuine, verified, visible; these are the terms that have emerged and are now here to stay in reference to all professionals, companies or organizations. If you find this uncomfortable or have anything to hide, prepare to change it or accept damaging the potential for advancement in your career or business. Recruiters and hiring professionals are looking online for candidates and will be influenced by those who present a professional, accomplished and thorough representation of themselves. 

Are you sending out red flags that could eliminate you from consideration as a potential candidate? In 2011 you will send out a red flag if:

  • You cannot be found when googled (at the least on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook)
  • Your professional resume does not include a Linkedin address
  • Your online profile does not contain a professional photo
  • You have incomplete information surrounding your work history
  • You share offensive or negative content online

Social media is the fastest growing media in history. Not only is it free, it is the most influential marketing tool to ever emerge, making it a crucial component of executive career management. Embrace social media to let your presence be known and increase your opportunities for success in your job search, your career or your business. 

Contact Martin Buckland at Elite Resumes, providing executive career management services since 1993.  

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Still no job interview?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

A job search can be an extremely discouraging experience for many people. Sending out a resume over and over again to recruiters, companies and online job boards and waiting beside a phone that never rings. Days go by, and still no job interview? 

Before you blame your resume, it is important to have a clear perspective and a good understanding of the job market. Did you know that online jobs account for less than 5% of all available jobs? Did you know that close to 80% of jobs are obtained as a result of networking? How many resumes are you submitting to online job postings versus those submitted from leads obtained by networking? Is it possible that your job search strategy is to blame and not your resume?  

When applying for a job, is the experience noted on your resume closely matched to the job description that you are applying for?  Do you have the qualifications that the potential employer is seeking? Some companies are willing to accept experience in lieu of a degree but if you don’t have the experience or the education, do you think you should be called in for an interview? Are you still blaming your resume or is it really a lack of qualifications or education?

Your resume is a critical document in the job search process and is more often than not, the only chance you have to create a dynamic first impression. As an introduction to a job interview, you must present a professional and accomplishment based resume if you intend to catch the attention of a decision maker. Prior to reaching the decision maker, did you know that many organizations will utilize electronic scanning of resumes in search of specific keywords to assist in the process of elimination? If you have included the necessary keywords to avoid elimination, will your resume then please the eye? Did you know that as little as 20 to 30 seconds are allocated to review a resume? With this in mind, it is very likely that a resume exceeding 2 or 3 pages will be overlooked. If your resume does secure the attention of the reader, is it in the hands of the individual who is in a position to make a decision for a viable job?

A professional resume, a job search strategy, clearly obtainable goals, an understanding of the job market, effective networking; all will influence on your success. Be sure to evaluate all aspects of your job search before you decide why there is still no job interview.

Contact Elite Resumes for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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Boo! Are you scaring away opportunities or the competition?

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

OhaiScare away your competition not your opportunities! Successfully managing an Executive Career requires the maintenance of a current resume, establishing a personal brand, career planning, networking, an impressive attire and an updated and professional online photo. If you wish to be noticed and to have a positive influence on those in a position to offer you new opportunities you must look the part!

Authenticity, transparency and a genuine brand are no longer optional. If you find this uncomfortable or insist on discussing your right to privacy, DO NOT consider setting your sights on an executive career. Establishing a false brand will eventually lead to a  disasterous outcome! Just ask Tiger Woods. A conscious decision to withhold information, hide behind an alias or use anything other than a professional photo, is a clear indication that you have something to hide. Opportunities are not offered to those who lack credibility.

Exuding confidence, establishing a consistent and credible brand and presenting a professional appearance could scare away much of your competition and position you in the lead as a potential candidate in your job search. So go ahead and scare away the competition but don’t scare away opportunities by wearing a mask, unless it’s Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Martin Buckland, Principal of Elite Resumes provides executive career management services for a global clientele.

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Canadian Resources for Job Seekers

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Resources are so abundant for job seekers that it can become confusing and possibly overwhelming especially when a google search for “job search websites” exceeds 162, 000 results! In an effort to provide the most valuable resources for your job search, it is necessary to understand the following three facts:

  1. Despite over 1 million search results for ”online job boards” the success rate for job seekers is estimated to be less than 5%.
  2. Although it is in your best interest to build a positive rapport with recruiters, it is important to remember they do not work for job seekers, they work for the employer.
  3. Over 80% of HR professionals and recruiters are searching Linkedin for potential candidates.

Many jobs posted online are duplications displayed on various sites or outdated postings left to entice potential clients. Attracting as many job seekers as possible is the objective for most of these sites as the majority are paid by the employer and what better marketing tool than to promise to attract the largest and most talented pool of potential candidates. Some are attracting job seekers in an effort to sell work at home schemes and MLM’s, educational courses and degrees, and franchise opportunities. This is not to say that posting your resume online should be ignored just that the time invested in this resource should be relative to the success rates. There are plenty of legitimate sites where you should have your resume posted such as,, Workopolis, Service Canada and   

It is not difficult to seek out top recruiters in Canada, many of which also have international reputations. A professional introduction, especially if you can arrange it through a mutual connection who is able to refer you, is ideally recommended. Networking is the most successful job search tool and the following renowned, recruiting organizations, Heidrick & Struggles, Bedford Consulting, Korn Ferry and Permanent Search Group actively support Toronto ExecuNet and Senior ExecuNet which are attended by the top executive talent in Canada and those who aspire to be business leaders.

A professional online profile is a necessary component for anyone interested in managing a successful career and for job seekers, it is no less important than a professional resume. The top resource for a professional online profile is Linkedin. Although there are other professional networking sites such as VisualCV, Naymz and Plaxo, Linkedin has clearly established their presence with over 80% of HR Professionals and Recruiters confirming it as a key resource in their search for potential candidates. The opportunity to build and maintain a professional profile and expand your network has never been easier. Join groups, see extensive company information, job postings, promote your expertise, share experiences, ask questions and provide answers. Linkedin has also shown their commitment specifically to the Canadian Market and In the National Post, A Linkedin believer, Jonathan Lister, country manager for Linkedin Canada said, “I think Linkedin really has the potential to revolutionize not just talent acquisition, but talent management. That’s one of our longer-term goals: To almost be synonymous with talent.”

Further to managing online job boards, establishing a rapport with recruiters and a professional Linkedin profile, staying current is also a critical component of a successful job search. As a job seeker, keeping up with business news, the latest technology, market projections or industry trends could be key factors in securing your next position. An exceptional resource, offering a wealth of information in Canada is CanadianBusiness Magazine or CB Online, “Your success is our business”.     

Elite Resumes provides executive career management services to an international clientele. Contact us today for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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    Network, Network, Network

    Monday, July 26th, 2010

    And Network some more! Although you may be one of many who have landed a new job recently as 93,200 jobs were added last month in Canada and unemployment rates dropped sharply to 7.9% even with a steady decline over the previous five months, this is not the time to stop networking. Nor is it recommended that you stop networking at anytime.

    Maintaining a network is the most critical component in managing a career and the most successful job search tool available. The resulting success of networking will almost always be related to reciprocation. The give and take balance in any relationship will determine in the long run how successful it is, whether it is between colleagues, partners, employer and employees, siblings or even best friends. Most people will not venture too far out of their way for anyone who has not left them with the impression that they would do the same in return. Always maintain a professional profile online and off to secure a recommendation through networking and never burn bridges even after a termination or layoff. Bad impressions can have a negative impact well into your future and result in many lost opportunities.  

    Many people become avid networkers only while they are in need of something, such as a job and as soon as they land the new job, which will likely be acquired as a result of networking, they stop maintaining the relationships that put them there. Yes, it worked this time but how receptive will those same connections be next year or the year after when you need them again? Studies show some discrepancy in the average length of job tenure but suffice to say, lifetime careers are no longer the norm and facing unemployment on a number of occasions throughout your career is inevitable.

    For those who struggle with their comfort level in networking, it  should be a much less daunting task and certainly more productive with the advent of social media. Finding individuals or businesses requires a simple search and anyone involved in an executive career will most certainly have a profile on Linkedin. The opportunity of a personal introduction through a close contact allows you to skip the cold call process and at the same time proceed with a level of acceptance associated with that of a mutual acquaintance. The ease of networking and connecting with others makes Linkedin the ultimate blueprint for networking including instructions for completing a professional profile, use of a variety of applications and a location to accept well respected testimonials from colleagues.

    Networking is not easy for everyone but there are certainly steps that can be taken to effectively network with a confident demeanour, the most influential component of networking and to present a professional impression. Here are five suggestions:  

    • Compose a short and long version of your professional infomercial/elevator speech/introduction and practice it at every opportunity with friends, relatives, and on your own with a mirror and a webcam or video camera!
    • Maintain a professional online profile on Linkedin.
    • Research suitable networking events and dress for success.
    • Always reciprocate! Don’t ever walk away without asking, “What value can I bring to you?”
    • Finally, did you exchange business cards?

    Networking while currently employed or in career transition is an essential tool for generating opportunities, staying current and successfully obtaining your next appointment within the shortest period of time! Career Management expert, Martin Buckland says, “The day you land your next job is the day to start your next job search.”

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    Hot Tips for a Summer Job Search

    Thursday, June 17th, 2010

    Heating up your job search this summer should be top priority! Of course the cottage is very inviting during the summer season and many will be suspending their job searches to take vacations. The result is a dramatic decline in the number of individuals seeking employment and should you choose to stay in the running, you will have a significant advantage. It is estimated that as many as 70% of job seekers will abandon their job search in the summer months increasing your odds substantially!

    Check out these hot tips for a summer job search

    • Update your online profiles regularly to ensure decision makers are aware of your presence and availability.
    • Outdoor events are abundant during the summer months and excellent opportunities to NETWORK!
    • A professional resume, business cards and your one page marketing document; be prepared to hand them out.
    • No signal for your cell in cottage country? Forward your calls to a land line. Recruiters and HR professionals are rarely limited for potential candidates and a missed call could be a missed opportunity.
    • Continue your follow-up calls to decision makers regardless of who is on vacation. Becoming familiar with administrative staff and maintaining your visibility will highlight your eagerness and competitive spirit.
    • It’s hot out there but your job interview is almost guaranteed to be in an air conditioned office so don’t lose the tie or jacket. A professional attire does not become an option during the summer months.
    • Catch up with more receptive colleagues during the summer months to obtain testimonials. It is very likely they have reduced their workload increasing their availability and willingness during the summer months more so than any other time of year.
    • Follow current affairs related to business news closely. You could be the first to introduce yourself to a corporation announcing an expansion within your city.
    • Subscribe to online job sites and submit your professional resume whenever and wherever possible. Many potential job candidates could be discovered online but the number available to attend a job interview could be drastically reduced providing a greater probability of being selected despite not being within the top qualifiers.
    • Take advantage of the hot summer months, follow hot leads and succeed in a job search with limited competition!

    Elite Resumes has been providing successful resume help and job search strategies since 1993. Contact Martin Buckland, Principal, providing executive career management services.

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    Ten Tips – Get Ready to Get Interviewed

    Friday, May 14th, 2010

    Networking events, research, resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, phone calls, coaching, educational courses,……let’s face it, the time and effort that is necessary to secure a job interview can be at times, overwhelming! The majority of executives today are in career transition for longer than ever so when the opportunity arises for a job interview it is critical to be ready!

    Here are ten tips that will help you get ready to get interviewed:

    1. Conduct a thorough investigation of the company or organization, current and past employees and the position you have been invited to interview for. Your time may be limited but with the wealth of information available online, it should be manageable.
    2. Keep notes on any questions that you may have in case there is an opportunity to bring them up during the interview. Take a copy of your resume as well as it will allow you to be on the same page as the interviewer. If the interviewer is not using your resume as a reference you have the opportunity to leave your copy with them.
    3. If the position noted a preferred educational requirement, be prepared to share your desire and ability to achieve the required designation.
    4. If you are not completely familiar with the location of the interview, take a test drive. Yes, you can google it but it won’t show the closure of a street due to construction and this is not an appointment you want to be late for.
    5. Look in the mirror. If you had planned to get to the hairdresser last week but didn’t get around to it, do it now. Being well groomed, donning professional attire and shined shoes are not options, it is expected. Inspect the suit and shoes you are planning to wear before the day of the interview just in case you forgot about the broken shoe lace or the blouse you just got back from the cleaners has a stain on it!
    6. The opportunity for a job interview is likely a result of extensive networking, a professional resume and a significant online profile. Be sure to google your name to be sure of the results as you can be assured the potential employer has done the same.
    7. Introduce yourself at reception upon your arrival and confirm the name of the individual who will be interviewing you in case there has been a change and to ensure you have the correct pronunciation of their name.
    8. Being prepared and knowledgeable will increase your confidence and comfort level entering into the interview and a firm handshake, eye contact and a smile will ensure the best first impression and set a positive tone for the meeting.
    9. Your attention, interest, enthusiasm, knowledge and general preparedness will all be critical factors during your interview. Avoid talking too much which is often a common nervous reaction. By listening closely you will discover the most influential factors in their decision making process.  
    10. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time, for answering your questions and if it was a pleasure to meet them, say so. Again, a firm handshake, eye contact and a smile.

    Qualifying for the position you are preparing to interview for was established prior to the opportunity for a job interview and although an interview will include some elaboration of skills, it is the impression you leave with the interviewer which will be influenced by your appearance, demeanour and level of confidence that will most strongly impact the success of your job interview. If you believe salary could be a make or break issue seek out available resources to assist you in a successful negotiation including Jack Chapman’s book, “Negotiating Your Salary: How to make a $1000 a minute”.

    Get ready to get interviewed and your chances of receiving a firm offer will increase substantially!

    Elite Resumes provides exective career management services. Contact us today for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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    April Fool’s Day – Who’s Fooling Who?

    Thursday, April 1st, 2010

    On April Fool’s Day anyone could be planning to fool you but when it comes to your job search who is fooling who? Is it possible that you are fully responsible for fooling yourself?

    You have just won $1,000! Not really, April Fools! Just wanted to get this out of the way in the name of tradition on a day filled with good hearted pranks and a hearty laugh when the effort to get others to believe in falsehoods is a success.  

    One day of being fooled will not likely have a dramatic impact on your future but the following falsehoods are key points that could seriously impair your job search and you could be fooling yourself:

    …if you believe an HR professional or recruiter is going to read your entire resume. The average time spent perusing a resume is less than 30 seconds. With this in mind, do you think you should submit a 4 or 5 page resume?

    …if you are expecting to land a job solely by submitting your resume through online job boards. Online job boards represent a small percentage of available jobs and a success rate as low as 3%.

    …if you are sitting at home by the phone thinking the recruiters are going to call you back. Recruiters work to fill available positions and they do not assume the responsibility of finding anyone a job.

    …if you have allocated three to six months to successfully obtain a job. It is more likely to take twelve months to secure an executive position. An old rule of thumb is to assume one month per each $10,000 in salary.  

    …if you believe social media is not for you and you have decided against establishing a Linkedin profile. Most studies show up to 80% of recruiters and HR professionals are using Linkedin to find and verify potential candidates.

    …if you are not actively networking with EVERYONE; friends, colleagues, relatives, professionals and attending social events and professional networking events. The most successful job search tool available is networking, surpassing all other job search strategies COMBINED.

    …if you accept a job offer and choose not to maintain your network because you don’t need them anymore. Networking is all about  reciprocation so be prepared to give back especially if you are not planning to retire in the next five years, which is the average job tenure.

    Finally, you are fooling yourself if you send a resume out and expect to be contacted if you have not included any contact details! Unless of course it is April Fool’s Day and you have intentionally submitted a cleverly drafted resume that profiles a perfect candidate for a high profile position to a recruiter who has been trying to fill it.

    Be sure to include your contact details when you send your resume to Elite Resumes for a free resume critique and receive a phone call from Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.

    Enjoy this April Fool’s Day and be sure to check out the following professional job search advice from the Career Collective!

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    Job Search Made Positive

    Thursday, February 25th, 2010

    Any job search can be challenging, emotional, time consuming, stressful and depressing, which is why keeping it positive is the most important asset to achieving success. A job search made positive is necessary to keep you motivated with the strength and determination needed to continue along a career path that can sometimes become a very rocky road. It is a positive mind set during a job search that produces the resilience to continually rise up from a stumble or a fall along the way. A positive outlook will also ensure you never lose sight of your value to a potential employer even when it seems that no one else is recognizing the talents you possess. 

    Dale Carnegie said, “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” 

    “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

    Focus on success not failure to stay positive! Here are a few more tips for a job search made positive:

    • Go outside every day and take a breath of fresh air. Enjoy nature, the beach, snow covered hills, flowers, trees or decorated shop windows on a city street. A change of scenery can re-energize and keep you feeling positive.
    • Volunteer. All studies confirm volunteering produces numerous positive psychological benefits. It is an opportunity to connect with others, gain valuable knowledge and impress a potential employer.
    • If you feel that you require emotional or professional support, take action fast. If you feel tired, angry or discouraged give yourself permission to take a break. Stay clear of alcohol or other depressants.
    • Consider returning to college or university to develop new skills. Life should be one continuous learning exercise increasing knowledge and boosting self confidence. Further education is also great to show on a resume.
    • Celebrate every success, every accomplishment every step of the way. If you have acquired a job interview, celebrate! If you have received a new connection providing the opportunity to apply for a position, celebrate! If you acquired a testimonial or a new certification, celebrate! With each small success you are that much closer to the big celebration of a new job.
    • Avoid negative, pessimistic people! It is imperative to surround yourself with positive, supportive, driven and energetic people who strive for success and are willing to provide proactive guidance and support throughout your job search process.
    • Network, network, network! Building positive, meaningful relationships with other professionals presents more opportunities resulting in job search success than any other means. Get out there and introduce yourself!
    • Engage in inspirational and energetic activities. Join a gym, play a sport or become an active member of your community.
    • Ask for support from your closest friends and family. These are the people who know you and can reiterate to you the many exceptional qualities that you possess, providing you with the inspiration needed to pursue your job search through thick and thin and stay positive.
    • Be realistic about a job search and the amount of time you will need to invest in your search. Success will not be achieved without a great deal of patience and determination.
    • Invest in your personal appearance. A new suit and a visit to the hair salon will help you feel confident, reassured, generate good first impressions and above all keep you feeling positive!  

    Finally, SMILE! Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway. Nothing is more positive than a smile. It will brighten your day and if shared with someone else, will brighten theirs. A simple smile can help you to keep your job search a positive one.

    For further information on job search strategies contact Martin Buckland at Elite Resumes, Certified Job Search Trainer, Co-Pilot Executive Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Professional Branding Strategist, Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, Certified Employment Interview Professional.

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    Career Trends and Transition 2010

    Thursday, January 21st, 2010

    If you are interested in advancing your career in 2010 your number one task should be a thorough research of emerging career trends. Even if you are not one of the hundreds of thousands of executives who found themselves unexpectedly thrown into a career transition in 2009, you may be influenced by your research to voluntarily consider a career transition in 2010!

    Maintaining a successful career is dependent on a healthy, growing industry and acquiring those skills which are in highest demand. Following career trends and positioning yourself in a growing industry will increase the probability of career advancement. The transition into a more secure industry may not be as difficult as you may think as many skills are transferable. A project engineer will have a greater opportunity for career advancement in the aerospace industry than in the automotive industry.

    Career trends are influenced by many factors including our environment, social evolution and our economy. Although our economic recession has had a dramatic impact over the past 2 years resulting in unprecedented job losses, it is a temporary influence as many of the hardest hit occupations, architecture and engineering are expected not only to recover but forecasts show continued growth through 2018. This is not the case for production supervisors and managers where the decline in employment, experienced over the past ten years is expected to continue into 2018 as North American manufacturers struggle to survive moving their production overseas to cut labour costs. Environmental concerns combined with new legislation have provided a wealth of “green jobs” and Generation Y are demanding a balanced work/life career influencing change in the workplace. Many companies are providing more flexible work schedules, increased vacation and further training and educational development programs. Canada’s Top 100 Employers is published annually and includes the reasons these companies were selected, providing a valuable glimpse into emerging trends in the workplace that will impact career trends.

    Be smart and stay informed. The dramatic increase in our aging population has resulted in thousands of new jobs within the health care industry despite the recession. This is an industry that is expected to see continued growth in  all sectors. The demographics of our aging population, new and emerging markets, predicted skills shortages, recruiting practices, company benefits and industry lay offs all have an impact on career trends. Following these trends will provide you with the knowledge you need to maintain a viable career path and ensure the maximum potential for career advancement and continuing success in your future career. 

    Elite ResumesFor further job search strategies, career coaching or to obtain a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer contact Elite Resumes.

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    Season’s Greetings and Your Job Search

    Thursday, December 10th, 2009

    Season's GreetingsDon’t stop your job search during this holiday season but rather, ramp it up! Sharing Season’s Greetings and an active Job Search are a great deal more compatible that you may think.

    No other time of year presents as many opportunities to get together with friends and family and even strangers than the many events that are planned throughout the month of December in the spirit of sharing season’s greetings. This is your chance to accept every available invitation and while sharing in the celebrations, network, network, network! No job search tool is as effective or as successful as networking!

    For many who are not at ease with networking, this time of year presents a perfect opportunity. As the holiday season unfolds it generates a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Most people are more receptive, friendlier and many are more apt to share a truly, genuine smile. This is the time of year that transitions even the most unreceptive and stoic of individuals into those filled with camaraderie and joy. It is a time for giving and caring and sharing. So share the story of your job search and reap the benefits of a new contact or a new lead but be sure to keep in the spirit of the holidays and that of networking by asking what it is that you can do to help in return.

    You probably haven’t seen your cousin since this time last year and if you didn’t share information about your job search including your interest in a specific company, you would never have discovered that his neighbour is not only the CEO but a close friend! The fact that you are able to offer your mechanical expertise to help your cousin get his recently acquired, antique vehicle on the road is surely what networking and the holidays are all about.

    After a month of celebrating and networking, your New Year’s resolutions should come easily:

    • Follow up on contacts and leads
    • Acquire your dream job
    • Give back

    Elite ResumesSeason’s greetings to all! And to all, the very best of luck in your job search! For further job search strategies or to obtain a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer contact Elite Resumes.

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    The Key To Securing Your Future Career

    Monday, November 2nd, 2009

    Job Action Day 2009The key to securing your future career in today’s economy is already a common practice for many. But for those of you who may be facing a career transition for the first time in many years this will be a change in your job search strategy that is as significant as the changes we have experienced in our economy.

    Although changes in the economy are a part of life, the economic turmoil experienced over the past year has had more of an impact on the future of careers than we have seen in a lifetime. Unemployment rates have reached levels not seen since the Great Depression. Bankruptcies and foreclosures have reached unprecedented levels. Long established industries are floundering, manufacturing opportunities are at record lows and the health care industry is now thriving.

    Not as sudden but equally significant in impacting the future of careers are the changes we have seen over time. Less than a generation ago, a 30 year career with one company was not uncommon. Today, it is unheard of and has evolved into an average tenure of 2.3 years! “Job security” has become an obsolete term and an unattainable goal. An executive job search which was expected to take weeks is now expected to take months! The average search today is 10 months. Worldwide use of the Internet at the end of 1995 was 16 million. Today there are 1,669 million Internet users worldwide which is fuelling the growth of social media at a rate far surpassing that of newspapers, radio and television. 

    The overall impact on the job market is one of fierce competition. Yesterday’s job search strategies will not help you with your future career. In order to secure your future in today’s highly competitive job market it is imperative that you establish the following:

    1. A professional email address, required for the majority of correspondence and mandatory when submitting your resume online. Professional is NOT!   
    2. A Linkedin profile, which will generate an address that must be included in your contact information on your resume. This will be one of many online profiles required for professional networking and to gain you an online presence necessary as hiring professionals are searching for and validating candidates online.
    3. A Personal Brand. Your personal brand must be established and maintained throughout your career. Who are you? Who is it that others see? Are you acknowledged as an expert in your field?  
    4. Self Confidence! If you intend to successfully sell yourself to others and stand out from the competition, you must shine with confidence, an attribute even more valuable than knowledge! If you have confidence in yourself, the hiring professional will also feel confident in supporting you as a viable candidate.

    A bold and professional presence established through online and offline networking is the most critical component in your job search today and the key to securing your future career.

    Elite ResumesContact Elite Resumes for more job search strategies from a Certified Job Search Trainer and Job and Career Transition Coach.

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