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Friday, September 11th, 2009

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Are you one of the 10 million active subscribers on Twitter? Or maybe you are one of the 266 million currently using Facebook? Perhaps you are one of the 47 millionactive users on Linkedin?

These and other online networking sites continue to attract users at a phenominal rate. LinkedIn members increased by 143% in one year and you can be assured that this professional online networking site is being used extensively by recruiters and HR professionals. Can you be found? Even if you are not currently in career transition, creating an online presence and establishing your personal brand could position you within a network of very valuable connections.

Creating your online profiles requires a substantial investment of time and establishing your personal brand is an immeasurable commitment. Since the average job search in Canada takes about 18 weeks and approximately 80% will secure employment through personal associates and business contacts, what better way to initiate those contacts than online?

The search capabilities on most of the online networking sites are extensive and will allow you to easily target specific industries and colleagues. As few as 50 connections on Linkedin have the potential to connect you with friends of friends, (two degrees away) in the thousands and their friends, (three degrees away) in the millions!

What are you waiting for? If you see this as a daunting task, contact Elite Resumes for professional support. Your online profile is a critical component in managing a successful, executive career. 


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