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Professional Advice For Your Job Search

Monday, March 14th, 2011

A job search can be a highly emotional journey and a time when you will want to avoid any investments that will not provide a substantial ROI. Obtaining professional advice or services is a critical resource in a successful job search but it is important to exercise your due diligence in your selection.

If you’ve been in your job search for awhile you are aware that there is by no means any shortage of job search advice and services. You may also know by now that there are many organizations willing to accept a substantial payment and in return will promise to find your dream job. There are two words to ensure you make no mistake when choosing professional job search advice or services; CERTIFIED and REPUTABLE.

When seeking professional advice for your job search ensure the individual has the appropriate accreditation’s and obtain a reference. Do not proceed without investigating recommendations and testimonials. If they are reputable it will be an easy task to verify.

The Career Collective is an online community of expert career advisers and resume writing professionals. Each month these experts provide valuable information to assist job seekers to gain the competitive edge necessary to succeed in the current job market. For professional advice in your job search visit:


Blog posts can also be found on Twitter using hashtag: #CareerCollective


Elevator Speech

Monday, March 7th, 2011

If you are in career transition you have prepared an elevator speech. Yes? Maybe you refer to it as your infomercial? Your elevator pitch? No? Ok, elevator speech, infomercial or elevator pitch, the bottom line is you need one.

An elevator speech is a critical job search resource that will enable you to create a positive, informative and lasting impression. It should be practiced and refined constantly and relayed at every opportunity; a networking event, riding the bus, in the doctor’s office, a convention, cold calls to potential employers, job interviews and career fairs where it’s imperative that you make a quick, memorable and decisive impression.

The saying, “practice makes perfect” is true. The more polished and rehearsed you are the better an impression you will make. An  Elevator Speech provides the listener with succinct information; a snapshot of your past and a snapshot of your future. It should consist of words that are used in your vocabulary frequently and articulated slowly enough for listeners to comprehend the message. Use it to emphasize your uniqueness, your competitive advantage and the benefits you will provide upon your new appointment, coupled with a  brief glimpse into your career history.

An elevator speech is as essential as a business card. It is an impressive articulation of who you are, what you do, what you are looking for and how you can help others; a professional pitch with the potential to leave a lasting impression that could lead you to your next job opportunity.


Canadian Resources for Job Seekers

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Resources are so abundant for job seekers that it can become confusing and possibly overwhelming especially when a google search for “job search websites” exceeds 162, 000 results! In an effort to provide the most valuable resources for your job search, it is necessary to understand the following three facts:

  1. Despite over 1 million search results for ”online job boards” the success rate for job seekers is estimated to be less than 5%.
  2. Although it is in your best interest to build a positive rapport with recruiters, it is important to remember they do not work for job seekers, they work for the employer.
  3. Over 80% of HR professionals and recruiters are searching Linkedin for potential candidates.

Many jobs posted online are duplications displayed on various sites or outdated postings left to entice potential clients. Attracting as many job seekers as possible is the objective for most of these sites as the majority are paid by the employer and what better marketing tool than to promise to attract the largest and most talented pool of potential candidates. Some are attracting job seekers in an effort to sell work at home schemes and MLM’s, educational courses and degrees, and franchise opportunities. This is not to say that posting your resume online should be ignored just that the time invested in this resource should be relative to the success rates. There are plenty of legitimate sites where you should have your resume posted such as,, Workopolis, Service Canada and   

It is not difficult to seek out top recruiters in Canada, many of which also have international reputations. A professional introduction, especially if you can arrange it through a mutual connection who is able to refer you, is ideally recommended. Networking is the most successful job search tool and the following renowned, recruiting organizations, Heidrick & Struggles, Bedford Consulting, Korn Ferry and Permanent Search Group actively support Toronto ExecuNet and Senior ExecuNet which are attended by the top executive talent in Canada and those who aspire to be business leaders.

A professional online profile is a necessary component for anyone interested in managing a successful career and for job seekers, it is no less important than a professional resume. The top resource for a professional online profile is Linkedin. Although there are other professional networking sites such as VisualCV, Naymz and Plaxo, Linkedin has clearly established their presence with over 80% of HR Professionals and Recruiters confirming it as a key resource in their search for potential candidates. The opportunity to build and maintain a professional profile and expand your network has never been easier. Join groups, see extensive company information, job postings, promote your expertise, share experiences, ask questions and provide answers. Linkedin has also shown their commitment specifically to the Canadian Market and In the National Post, A Linkedin believer, Jonathan Lister, country manager for Linkedin Canada said, “I think Linkedin really has the potential to revolutionize not just talent acquisition, but talent management. That’s one of our longer-term goals: To almost be synonymous with talent.”

Further to managing online job boards, establishing a rapport with recruiters and a professional Linkedin profile, staying current is also a critical component of a successful job search. As a job seeker, keeping up with business news, the latest technology, market projections or industry trends could be key factors in securing your next position. An exceptional resource, offering a wealth of information in Canada is CanadianBusiness Magazine or CB Online, “Your success is our business”.     

Elite Resumes provides executive career management services to an international clientele. Contact us today for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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