Stop! Don’t hit send…

Don’t hit send…yet! The impression you leave could be a long and lasting one. Do you want to brand yourself as professional, intelligent, mature, patient, considerate and understanding? Although those managing an executive career would share a resounding “yes”, too many are taking a high risk with online comments which could be construed as arrogant, […]


What NOT To Post On Facebook!

What not to post on Facebook

Everyone should know what not to post on Facebook without any further elaboration or explanation but that knowledge doesn’t always seem to have an impact on what actually does get posted. Social media has provided a platform that allows everyone to have a very influential voice. This is a privilege that should not be abused […]


Personal or Corporate Branding and Authenticity


One loud voice and millions of unheard voices is a fair analysis of years gone by but social media is changing everything from the political landscape to corporate social responsibility. Transparency and accountability; genuine, authentic and legitimate; these are the attributes that social media has unearthed and placed at the forefront in the success of […]


Words – Key, Buzz, Tagline


Networking is the most important component of a successful job search and utilizing social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter provide the potential to network with millions, establish a visible presence and acquire an abundance of information at the push of a button making it the ultimate resource for anyone interested in managing […]


2010 Review of Your Year

Facebook My Year 2010

Based on your status updates, 2010 in Statuses and My Year in Status will provide a 2010 review of your year too! Check it out. Did you present a consistent message? Does it reflect your personal brand? Contact Elite Resumes for information on Personal Branding and to speak with Martin Buckland, Certified Personal Branding Strategist.


Understanding Your Brand

When you hear the names Chevy, Oprah or Hanna Montana you have an immediate impression. How you feel and what you think is directly related to their brand; a representation of the image and reputation they portray. Any deviation from what we  have come to know and expect can severely damage a brand. There is no better way to understand branding than by learning […]


Politics and a Lesson on Personal Branding


Paul Copcutt shared his Tuesday Toonie, “Vote for ME – you know it makes sense!” with a personal branding message that’s clear and simple. Those of you with or without political aspirations will no doubt have learned from this year’s Municipal Elections, more than any in our past, that the less said, the better. Many may still be wondering how so many candidates with shady […]


Personal Branding Basics

Elite Resumes Logo adj

“Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”  What makes you special? What makes you different? What is it about YOU that can successfully be communicated to others to make you stand out from the competition? Just as a product or organization promotes their brand so too must executives, professionals, consultants and entrepreneurs establish their own unique promise of […]


Claim Your Name and Establish Your Brand

How people share content on the Web

While you may have chosen to ignore the phenomenal success of social media opting for a low profile citing privacy as a primary concern, you may very well discover that your reputation has been more negatively affected by remaining invisible than if you had established a visible online profile. It is inevitable that your name will come to life online with or without your input. […]


What does your email address say?

The email address you have chosen says something about you. Just as all of the other customized addresses such as your Linkedin or Twitter address  says something about you. You were given a choice, albeit the availability does have an impact on your decision but nonetheless, you had the final say. If there is one component that is […]


Establishing a Visible Brand

Google Logo

Successful career management requires establishing a visible brand. A brand must be credible and consistent. Visibility requires a professional online presence. Have you established a visible brand? Is it reflected in your resume and your online presence? When was the last time you googled yourself? If you google your name and you are clearly visible in first page results, you are on […]


One Word to Describe YOU

Personal Branding

What is the one word that you would use to describe YOU? This is an important question to consider as you focus on a personal branding strategy which is the foundation for establishing your online professional profiles and the successful image you will portray as you progress throughout your career. Most surprisingly the word most often used by those in career transition to […]


Personal Branding Is


If we had to choose the two most powerful personal brands in December, 2009 I believe Santa Claus and Tiger Woods would top the list. If these two individuals were mentioned together only a few weeks ago the emotional response would have been very different than it is today, which is why they provide an excellent example of […]


Are you a mystery?


Everyone loves a good mystery and there are many who are intrigued by vagueness or anonymity. With Hallowe’en fast approaching the excitement is in the air for children and adults alike who are preparing to don their costumes and transform themselves into a totally new character. Hiding who you really are at a costume party is […]


Personal Branding – Who is it for?


Personal Branding is for professionals who want to achieve their goals while being true to themselves. A distinctive, memorable and compelling personal brand provides the guidance you need to shape your strategy, adding enormous value to your career or business. It helps to define your professional direction and maintain a course even during difficult times. It also enables you to uniquely […]


President of Sales, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Associate

In today’s economic crisis, the number one job available is in SALES!  These positions are currently the most sought after as an increase in sales could potentially be the key factor in the survival of many companies caught up in today’s economic turmoil. Increasing sales is one of the few definitive options available to the decision makers of many companies and organizations at […]


Don’t Burn Bridges

The value of networking can never be overstated.  In a recent blog, What goes around comes around, the significance of presenting yourself as a professional, courteous and considerate individual and more importantly, one who is genuinely interested in the needs of others is reviewed.  The impression you leave may ensure that your name comes to the forefront the next time an opportunity to fulfill […]


What goes around, comes around!

Some of us are firm believers in what goes around, comes around and as professionals, we spend a great deal of our time networking. Successful networking involves sharing information, experiences, and most importantly, our needs. Understanding what we can do for others and what they can do for us and then following through will sooner […]


A Branding Success, Personal and Corporate

Recently I received an email from Lynn Marie Caissie, through an organization called HAPPEN, regarding an experience she had on a flight with WestJet.  Much has been written about creating your personal brand and even more about corporate branding; the objective, to develop a “unique and influential” persona or company.  WestJet is truly a branding success story, not just because this […]