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Twitter Lists

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

If you have not yet created your profile on Twitter, you are missing out on the 2nd most popular social media site available. It’s easy to use! It’s free! It’s real time! It has over 200 million users! It has influenced the election of a President, saving a rain forest, a new wheelchair, accountability from corporations, money raised for a good cause, jobs, friends, news, information and so much more!

Give careful consideration to your username when you create your profile as it will become your twitter address;, This is the link you will share with other social media sites, such as Linkedin or Facebook. Your username is also the name displayed on each tweet or post you make and the address used on Twitter for those wishing to send you a message, @BarbaraMackie, @MartinBuckland and @EliteResumes. The lists that are created will be displayed as an extension of that name, @BarbaraMackie/social-media or @BarbaraMackie/career-professionals. 

Twitter Lists provide an opportunity to manage the vast number of people and organizations that you will follow. Not only will you create lists to put your followers on, those following you will be adding you to their lists. You may discover that you are not clearly portraying your brand if you are ending up on a list of engineers when your expertise is actually in sales and marketing.


Not only are you able to create any list you like, you also have the option of following lists that have been created by others or to select those you wish to follow from their lists. Lists may also be created as a public list for all to see and share or as a private list. When you select Following or Followers a list is provided and to the right of each is the choice to Follow or Unfollow and next to it is the drop down box to select the list you would like to add them to.

Whether you choose to create a professional list, such as job sites or a personal list that provides you with the latest tweets from all the top musicians, Twitter Lists will assist in optimizing your use of Twitter.


Twitter should be embraced for all that it is!

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Although Twitter is being embraced by 200 million users there are still many who are not aware of just how significant this social media site really is, despite the number of users. Check out the following blog posts to see what you could be missing.

“I will dig you out”  and “Newark Mayor using robust Twitter presence to reach snowed-under residents“ are only two recent blog posts that just might give others a better understanding of the magnitude of Twitter’s reach when it comes to sharing real time information, helping others and influencing reputations. Further, ”Twitter as a professional development tool” describes the value of Twitter noting, “Twitter is #1 on the Top 100 Tools for Learning list this year for the second year running”. And “Twitter on pace to reach 200 million users by 2011” describes Twitter as follows: “The tiny, feature-light blog service has few bells and whistles, but its reach is extraordinary. Its simplistic approach to sharing thoughts and news to other people on the Internet has caught on to the point where every respectable company has an official account, government agencies are using it to connect with constituents, and celebrities log on to share their latest gossip.” provides some interesting monthly stats on Canadian politics and “Canadians found to be huge online users“ shows statistics for online use including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia. 

@MartinBuckland  @EliteResumes


Protect my tweets?

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

“Protect my tweets” is the only option in Tweet Privacy, one of the few Account Settings required to create a Twitter profile. Additional ”Account Settings” consist simply of your Name, Username, Email, Language, Time Zone and Tweet Location. Although simple and self explanatory, instructions are included with each criteria.

There should be little confusion in choosing a name or email address but it seems that there are still many who may not understand the premise of Twitter because if they did they would never check the box in Tweet Privacy to “Protect my tweets”. Privacy issues continue to remain top news with Facebook taking the brunt of criticism for some time now to set the precedent. No other social media site is going to establish a site offering online accounts visible to millions without including some form of “privacy options”. The question is whether the options available are based on any rationale regarding the use of the social media site or simply to protect against privacy advocates.

Regardless of the reason behind the privacy option offered by Twitter, the question is, why would any user on Twitter choose to select the “Protect my Tweets” option? Could it simply be an unconscious error? Or maybe a considerate user with the urge to share inappropriate information that could be considered offensive? The 140 characters you choose to tweet could consist of anything including a personal message or a link to an article blog post or website. The people you share your tweets with are your followers and you have the option to follow anyone you are interested in as long as they haven’t protected their tweets in which case you will see “pending” and my reaction to that is to cancel my decision to follow them and I am left with the question, who or what are they protecting their tweets from and why?   

The more people you follow, “Following”, the more feedback you will receive and the more people that follow you, “Followers”, will result in more people receiving your message, known as a “tweet”. Should you find yourself offended by anyone, you have the option to select an “Action” associated with anyone you are following or anyone who is a follower to unfollow, block or report for spam. There is no reason to choose to protect all of your tweets, simply allow everyone who is interested in you to follow your tweets and if you don’t want a particular individual to see what you tweet, block them!

If your audience consists of only a few followers, how much influence will you have? If you are only following a few people how much value are you missing out on from some of the most inspiring, intellectual and thought provoking people in the world? If you don’t “believe” in Twitter right now, you may want to consider what the following companies and individuals may know that you don’t.

“Of the Fortune Global 100 companies, 65% have active Twitter accounts”, data collected between November 2009 and January 2010 among the top 100 companies of Fortune’s Global 500 companies by Burson-Marsteller. There were less than 75 million users on Twitter in November 2009 and today there are over 100 million! If the most successful companies in the world are not impressive enough, how about some of the most successful individuals in the world: @RichardBranson, @BillGates, @Oprah, @BarackObama, and the list goes on and on. Visit and although you will find @MileyCyrus and @JustinBeiber, you are mistaken if you think it is just for kids. Feel free to follow @JaneFonda, @Joan_Rivers, @AshtonKucher or @KevinSpacey. You will not receive the “pending” message if you choose to follow any of these people becasue none of them have checked the “Protect my Tweets” box.


Twitter is…

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

    …informative, interesting, newsworthy, user-friendly, uncomplicated, inspiring, fun, professional, social, influential, real-time, networking, marketing, mobile, private tweets, public tweets, retweets 

    And Twitter is:

  • 140 character tweets providing links to anything

  • CNN Breaking News and The New York Times tweeting for over 5 million followers 

  • Searching #hashtags for relevant feedback

  • Immediate, non-invasive feedback from large audiences to live presenters

  • Communication for virtual events

  • A job search tool

  • Companies engaging their customers

  • Speakers engaging their audience

  • Validated sites, sounds, info, news and more

  • 100 million users

  • over 600 tweets per second

  • 30% over $100,000 in household income

  • 45% over 18 yrs of age

  • 24% over 35 yrs of age

  • 14% over 50 yrs of age

Resources and further information:


Twitter – We are the voice!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Real-time content provided by millions of individuals utilizing social media,  specifically Twitter has given power to the voice of the people like never before in our history. After an earthquake was felt by thousands of people, The Globe and Mail and CNN were contributing simply by retweeting tweets on Twitter provided by those witnessing the quake.

xkcd posted a great comic about Twitter in relation to the earthquake called, Seismic Waves.

There are 100 million users on Twitter and with the click of a button we have the ability to share tweets and links, or simply put, information about anything we choose to post online. The number of users adds credibility as seen when the first tweet was posted about the earthquake and then confirmed by other tweets that we had indeed felt the effects of an earthquake. Tweets were posted later in the day as storms blew in and a tornado touched down in Midland, Ontario. Further tweets that day were reporting the longest tennis match ever recorded.

It was an eventful day but regardless of these newsworthy tweets, Twitter is a user-friendly, social media site offering the ultimate resource to satisfy any interest. There is no fee required to sign up for a Twitter profile but it will require an investment of time and a strong commitment to establishing a suitable following. Also key to successfully utilizing all of the social media sites is a strong focus on engagement. Interacting with others requires establishing valuable relationships online. Choose to accept followers and follow individuals or businesses that are relative to your interests and goals.  

If you are currently in a job search, include details of what you are looking for in your bio and carefully consider the keywords you use to ensure they are common within the industry you are seeking a job. Use keywords to search for colleagues within the same industry. You will have the ability to find out about available jobs, connect with others and follow industry trends.    

If you have any questions about Twitter, Google it! Search results for Twitter Tips produced 325 millions results!


An Online Presence, Twitter Tips to Get Started

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Are you currently in a successful career? Are you in career transition? Or perhaps you are a business owner? A student? Regardless of your position or the industry you work in, an online presence is an essential component to managing a successful career or business.

There are many social media sites available to establish and maintain a visible profile. The top three sites are currently Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Twitter is the most recent and requires the least amount of time to complete a profile and is very user friendly.

Here are a few tips to get started on :

  • Choose your Name and Username carefully giving consideration to how others will search for you. If you are creating a personal profile, use your proper name if available, especially for the Username as this will become your link/url. Consistency is important so if you have profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Naymz, etc. be sure to use the same name rather than establishing one using your first initial and one with your middle initial and one with your full name without an initial. Upon typing your name you will immediately see whether the name you choose is “not available” or “ok √”.
  • A valid email address is required to set up your profile for verification. This email address can only be used for one Twitter profile and of course you will need to enter a password. You will also have the option to sign in with either your email address or your username.
  • Your profile can be maintained by selecting Settings with an option to enter your location, web address and a short bio. Consider your location for relevancy. For a personal profile I would recommend your city of residence but if you are creating a business profile that provides services worldwide, you may want to consider, “global” or “international”. If you do not have a personal or business website, you may still have an available web address for those to find out a little more about you such as a Facebook page or Linkedin profile. Be sure to customize those url’s to clearly reflect your given name or business name.
  • Profile content is limited on Twitter allowing only 160 characters to write your bio so make it count. Your bio and location provide search criteria and the only key to who you are other than a web address and eventually a history of tweets.
  • Who do you want to follow? Who do you want to follow you? Your career, personal interests and possibly location will be key to your searches.  Remember, this is a valuable venue for sharing information and establishing connections despite those not familiar with Twitter who may believe it to be a useless personal tool using 140 characters to let people know when you have stopped to get a cup of coffee. You have the choice to see what others are saying before you choose to follow them and the number or characters provided are more than sufficient to share links to articles, blogs and news. Hash tags # are also used to share information for specific topics or events for real time interaction. Speakers can refer to tweets and answer questions in real time. The ease of communication and sharing of information on Twitter in real time is the reason that Twitter has reached over 100 million users adding approximately 300,000 users each day!
  • Be sure to customize your Twitter page with your choice of background images and colours and keep track of who you’re following by creating lists. 

For further information on managing your professional online profile contact Elite Resumes


Online Networking

Friday, September 11th, 2009

linkedin facebook twitter-logo1

Are you one of the 10 million active subscribers on Twitter? Or maybe you are one of the 266 million currently using Facebook? Perhaps you are one of the 47 millionactive users on Linkedin?

These and other online networking sites continue to attract users at a phenominal rate. LinkedIn members increased by 143% in one year and you can be assured that this professional online networking site is being used extensively by recruiters and HR professionals. Can you be found? Even if you are not currently in career transition, creating an online presence and establishing your personal brand could position you within a network of very valuable connections.

Creating your online profiles requires a substantial investment of time and establishing your personal brand is an immeasurable commitment. Since the average job search in Canada takes about 18 weeks and approximately 80% will secure employment through personal associates and business contacts, what better way to initiate those contacts than online?

The search capabilities on most of the online networking sites are extensive and will allow you to easily target specific industries and colleagues. As few as 50 connections on Linkedin have the potential to connect you with friends of friends, (two degrees away) in the thousands and their friends, (three degrees away) in the millions!

What are you waiting for? If you see this as a daunting task, contact Elite Resumes for professional support. Your online profile is a critical component in managing a successful, executive career. 


Tweeting For Jobs

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

If you are tweeting, you’re using Twitter and it is fast becoming an excellent resource for your job search. Twitter continues to see a tremendous increase in users every day and so it only stands to reason that more and more organizations are recognizing the potential of a growing talent pool and posting available jobs on Twitter.

The new HAPPEN blog has an excellent post from a recent presentation by Rick Stomphorst, Tweaking your Job Search with Twitter. You will find information on creating your Twitter name, a job seekers bio and linking your Linkedin URL. Also included are lists of valuable twitter names to follow for job postings by location and industry type, local recruiters, career professionals and other career tips and resources. 

Here are just a few names to follow on Twitter that just might be tweeting about a job made for you:

MunicipalJobs, JobsToronto, NewCanadaJobs, ITJobs Canada, TweetThisJob, journalism_jobs, socialmediajob, DotNetCanada  

Job search resource names include, MrHappen, MartinBuckland, Linkedin and TheCareer100.


Your Twitter Bio

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


twitterYou may not be searching for a job today but most organizations are taking drastic measures to weather the economic storm including massive layoffs, downsizing and mergers. It means that you may be in career transition sooner than you think. So what does all of this have to do with your Twitter bio?

Your Twitter bio is one of many online resources available to you at no charge that allows you to create your presence. An online presence is a must today in your job search with as many as 90% of recruiters performing online searches to find and verify potential candidates. Key to creating your presence or personal brand is clarity, consistency and professionalism. Who are you? What are you looking for? What is your area of expertise? The next step is to connect with people who may be able to help you in your search. Follow companies, recruiters, job sites and find valuable links, tips and advice. Send messages, receive messages and you just might receive that one tweet that will lead you to your next potential job opportunity!


Job Search Tips and Resources

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Job search tips and resources are so abundantly available today that the time required in order to read all of them them would probably take you into retirement!  In order to help you sort through the mountains of blogs and articles I’m sharing some tips and resources that I have recently come across from industry colleagues that will be of interest and value to you in your job search.

Alison Doyle has covered job searching for since 1998.  A renowned job search expert and author, Alison shares information on and Using Twitter to Job Search.

Twitter Yourself a Job is another interesting article offering good advice by Jonnelle Marte, published in The Wall Steet Journal.

Are You LinkedIn? As a job search tool, LinkedIn should be at the top of your list but how you use it will definitely have an impact in achieving results.  Louise Fletcher writes, The 7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making on LinkedIn, at Blue Sky Resumes Blog, The inside scoop on getting (and keeping) a great job.

8 Little-Known Tricks for The Job Hunt by Liz Ryan, an internationally recognized expert on careers and the new millennium workplace, includes adding a signature to your outgoing email and linking your LinkedIn profile URL to it. Simple and effective.

And finally, Take control of your own brand, by Lesley Everett, professional speaker and executive personal branding coach.  Whether you are building your personal brand within an organization or independently, ”Who you really are”, “Dress like you mean it” and “Be interested and visible” are all key points to succeeding with your personal brand.

Elite Resumes is committed to assisting you achieve success in your career. Contact Martin Buckland for information on executive career management services including, a professional resume, job search strategies, personal branding, executive coaching and outplacement services.


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