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As the leading team of certified resume writing professionals, Elite Resumes specializes in developing successful resumes while providing unparalleled career coaching and interview tutoring services for employment success.

Get your resume the attention it deserves. We have the experience and contacts to help you meet your employment goals and career objectives. Contact us for a free resume critique today.

Our expert resume writers and job search strategy consultants take pride in delivering quality resumes, cover letters and job search materials.

Take a look at our Sample Resumes to see how a resume by Elite Resumes will show your enthusiasm, create interest and persuade a prospective employer to contact you for an interview. Your resume should be nothing short of a stunning success and the stepping stone to getting you the job that you want.


A professional coach will listen, collaborate, support and assist you to identify and gain clarity on your goals, achieve your dreams, fulfill your aspirations and enhance your power to succeed. Elite Resumes offers expertise in Career Coaching, Personal Branding, Executive Coaching, Interview Coaching and Social Media Coaching.

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Resume Writing and Career Transition Workshops

Our partnerships and contacts with recruiting professionals put our clients in touch with North American Executive Search Firms, Executive Recruiters, Head Hunters and Human Resource Personnel to help you with your career strategy and networking skills.

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Outplacement and Transition Services

Within the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, we provide exemplary and individualized, confidential outplacement services, embracing all the components of career transition: resume writing, career coaching, career management and planning during a transition. We offer a customized approach to meet your outplacement needs and budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.
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Martin Buckland

About Martin

Martin Buckland, Principal of Elite Resumes, is one of Canada’s leading authorities on highly effective resume writing, high impact cover letters, successful job-search strategies, executive coaching, personal branding, interview tutoring and social media career strategies. He has many years of training, experience, professional development and industry knowledge. Tap into his elite network of key human resources, executive search firm and placement contacts.

No Response to Job Applications

My name is Martin Buckland and I help senior executives reach their career goals. Today’s question is “I’ve applied for over 120 jobs, and I’ve never received an answer.” Sadly, this is very common. I can totally understand that you are frustrated after 120 and no reply. That would frustrate me.  To allay that frustration. […]

Severance and How Long to Wait to Start a Job Search

“I was lucky. I received a very generous severance. So I’m just going to start my job search just before my severance expires.” I’m Martin Buckland and I am an Executive Career Management Practitioner and I help my clients across the world, reach their career goals. The question today is regarding receiving a generous severance […]

Resume Tips to Sell Yourself

Do you manage your career? Do you manage your finances? I suspect you probably manage your finances more than you do your career. So what is a resume? What is a CV?  It’s your sales proposition. You only get one chance to talk about exactly who you are. One chance to sell YOU.  A resume […]

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