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Women in IT Careers

A recent ariticle, Why women quit technology careers, by Kathleen Melymuka relays some startling research from this month’s Harvard Business Review.  Women, between the ages of 25 and 30 are excelling in the science, engineering and technology fields making up 41% of the young talent with related credentials.  Unfortunately, 52% of this talent drops out, most significantly […]

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Top 10 Family-Friendly Employers

Now entering its sixth year, the Canada’s Top Family-Friendly Employers competition is organized by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. This special designation recognizes the employers offering the nation’s most progressive and forward-thinking programs for employees with young children. The employers on this list are the leaders in helping employees balance their work and

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Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2008

Canada’s Top 100 employers are those companies and organizations that lead the nation in exceptional working conditions and benefits.  While initiating your job search there is an infinite amount of information available for companies and organizations that will allow you to investigate more than just the job requirements.  You may be persuaded to pursue a specific company rather than a

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Questions and Concerns from the Company’s Perspective

Are you prepared to address the questions and concerns of a decision maker during a job interview?  Are you aware of the questions and concerns prevalent throughout the various levels within a company?  The following questions, even if they are not asked, will be ones that you should be prepared to answer or at least take into consideration: Hiring Manager; Will

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Resumes and The “Who and How of the Candidate”

Recently I read an interesting blog titled Resumes Are Out! Although I agree that a well written resume does focus on “what” a candidate’s work experience, achievements and education are, I have to disagree that the “how” of the candidate is totally absent in a resume.  Or should I say in my resumes? All of my resumes include details of my client’s hard

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Inspiring Quotes

Are you inspired or motivated by quotes?  Recently, I purchased a coffee from Starbucks and enjoyed quote #283 printed on the cup just as much as I enjoyed the coffee.  It read, “The most important thing in life is to stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will”.  Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities.” –David

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Networking and Your Twitter Bio

Twitter.com is being described as “micro blogging” – a cross between instant messaging and blogging – because you’re allowed only 140 characters.  We all understand the importance of Networking when searching for a job and Twitter is one more tool that is available.  Kevin Donlin recently wrote, “How to Get Found By Recruiters” by using Twitter.  Getting noticed by

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The “Talent Shortage”?

“Talent Shortage Emerges as No. 1 Employer Concern” “Our population will begin to shrink and our workforce will dry up.” “Schools in peril across Ontario” “Census Points to shrinking households” “Retirement of baby boomers may reverberate in workplace”, “Enrollment Shrinking, says education minister”, “The Talent Shortage Myth”, The Immigration Squeeze” These are only a few of

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Do you want to be an Astronaut?

The Canadian Space Agency is conducting a national astronaut recruitment campaign at the end of May 2008 to select astronauts to join its Canadian Astronaut Corps. It would be difficult for me to think of an occupation that I have not created a resume for, including a banana grower, a Roman Catholic Nun, a nude model and a ceramic potter, just

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Employees Looking for Work/Life Balance

According to a recent Survey published by Monster, 89% of respondents look for work/life balance programs when evaluating a new job.  Only half of the HR professionals agreed on the importance, which is probably why only 29% of employees who participated in the online survey rated their company’s work/life balance programs as good or excellent. The 2008 Executive Job Market Intelligence

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Networking and Your Career

Are you actively networking?  If not, you are in the minority.  You are likely missing out on opportunities for advancement in your current career and if you are searching for a job, you are facing a much greater struggle than necessary. Recruiters list networking as one of their most effective means of finding senior managers and more than two-thirds of executives listed networking

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A Global Priority!

If you are not convinced that hiring female executives should be a global priority, you will be when you read National Post’s article, “A champion of women”. The most compelling information in this article is the statistics provided by Catalyst, a non-profit advisory group who looked at the relationship between women’s representation in corporate-officer positions and board-of-director positions in the U.S.

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Job Sites

Recently, I came across a very interesting job site, Bayt.com.  Interesting because I have had a number of clients that have relayed their intent to pursue a career in Dubai, one of the fastest growing populations among the major cities of the world.  Listed as the #1 job site in the Middle East, Bayt.com boasts more than 26,000 employers and over 2 million registered

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