I was told a resume wasnt needed anymore

I was told a resume or CV wasn’t needed anymore

Today’s topic is whether a resume is still needed in the current age. There are various opinions on this as technology and application tracking systems (ATS) have evolved. However, a resume is needed more than ever before.

A resume is still very relevant, but it needs to be updated and ATS-friendly. It should be a maximum of three pages, unless you fall into the category of a traditional CV for certain professions. Your resume serves as a sales tool, allowing you to showcase your value, personal brand, and accomplishments using relevant keywords and skill sets.

When job searching, you become a salesperson, regardless of your actual profession. Interestingly, sales professionals are often the worst at writing resumes. A resume is your first impression and your chance to make an impact. You may also get a second chance when someone finds you on LinkedIn and asks for your resume.

Keep your resume up-to-date, updating it every two to three months to reflect changes in your career, accomplishments, and projects. Metrics are important in a resume, but ensure that it truly reflects your value. If an executive recruiter or HR professional asks for your resume and you don’t have one, you could be caught off guard and potentially damage your career.

A well-prepared resume takes time, so make sure you have one ready. It is a crucial part of your executive career management toolkit. A resume is just as important as a will, as emphasized by an executive recruiter. Managing your career is essential, and statistics show that those who actively manage their career are more likely to advance and achieve financial success.

If you have any questions or comments related to resumes, personal branding, job searches, or dealing with executive recruiters, feel free to ask. Remember, executive career management is important, so invest time and energy in managing your career alongside your financial investments.

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