Baby Boomers and Their Careers

It is impossible to surf the web and not find an amazing wealth of information on career-related issues, especially those related to baby boomers.  Here are just a few articles that I believe are valuable, informative and above all, entertaining:

In the National Post, Three-minute visions of your retirement years.  Jonathon Chevreau writes an interesting article about Charles Feaver and his retirement project,, a video magazine created to help Boomers in the workforce envision their future retirement.

In, Recession-Proof Jobs. Tara Weiss discovers the 10 most recession-proof jobs based on a database of 4,000 posted jobs between November 2007 and July 2008.  This along with an abundance of other available surveys lists sales representatives at the top of the list.

In the Hartford Courant, Ten Career Mistakes for Boomers.  Joyce Lain Kennedy writes about 10 mistakes to avoid to ensure your success in a continued career beyond your retirement years.

In ExecuNet’s CareerSmart Advisor, Managing Your Career Through Effective Planning. Steven Landberg offers some interesting statistics and proven benefits in documenting a career plan.  “Are you satisfied to just let your career happen or are you willing to invest in proactively planning and managing your most important asset?” story, Retirement takes on new meaning by Derek Sankey, Canwest News Service writes, “Baby boomers coming up to retirement age are often choosing modified work patterns rather than outright quitting”.  And many are embarking on entirely new or second phase careers, which has lessened the panic of organizations scrambling to initiate programs to retain and entice employees in response to the talent and skills shortage due to the forecasted mass exodus of baby boomers from the work force.

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