Bizarre Behaviour in a Job Interview!

In a recent survey, OfficeTeam asked executives to recount the most embarrassing job interview moments they had heard of or witnessed.  Yes, in a job interview, the time you really want to put your best foot forward.  The opportunity you are given to present an exemplary first impression!

The following are just a few of the responses:

“The candidate sent his sister to inteview in his place.”
“A candidate fell asleep during the interview”
“A guy called me by the wrong name during the entire interview.”
“We’re a retail company, and when we asked the candidate why she wanted to work for us, she said she didn’t want to work in retail anymore.”
“An interviewee put his bubble gum in his hand, forgot about it, and then shook my hand.”
“The candidate stopped the inteview and asked me if I had a cigarette.”
“An applicant was doing really well in the inteview until she got to the reason she left her other job. She told us everyone was out to get her.”

You’ve heard it so many times because it is important, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.


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