Is an eMBA Good for You

Is an eMBA Good for You?

This is a very open-ended question that cannot be totally summarized in a blog. However, if you are seeking to advance your career within your own sector, transition to another sector or function and want to learn new leadership and management skills, then yes, this degree is made for you.

Who is an eMBA Good For?

Is an eMBA Good For You?

EMBA programs are designed for aspiring business leaders seeking to build on their skills, capitalize on networking and interacting with alumni to dramatically expand their connections. They are designed for mid to senior-level professionals who have a dozen or so years of experience in the workforce and who are seeking to catapult their career forward. Respective students should preferably have an undergraduate degree, but there are exceptions made during the admissions process, depending on the skill set and school.

eMBA Curriculum

The curriculum varies from school to school, but all are designed to fit in with a busy work schedule. Some are domestic in nature while most are international and do require a substantial time commitment, and, without doubt, much dedication. Most candidates complete course work during their evenings and weekends to allow for continuance in employment. The key benefits to be learned during the program are critical thinking, general management, communication and problem-solving. Curriculum is built to expand on existing experience to prepare for a leadership opportunity. It can also contribute to a huge uplift in earning potential.

An eMBA Is Good For Return-On-Investment

Some of my most recent eMBA clients who attended top-level programs which cost roughly $200,000 USD have generated an ROI in 32 months. Before you take this big step, a lot of dialogue must take place with your family, employer and friends.

Do you have buy-in for this demanding program? If so, utilize the published rankings available yearly by QS and The Financial Times. Also, network with alumni as they are the ones who can either sell or close the door on the program. Regardless of the program you decide on, and there are many across the world, in my professional opinion, the value is immeasurable. Yes, an eMBA is definitely good for you!

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