Is Social Media Good for Career Growth and Management

Is Social Media Good for Career Growth and Management?

The question, today, is, “I’m not particularly good on social media. I hardly ever use it. Can you help me? Does it help my career management?”

I am Martin Buckland, and I help senior executives manage and advance their careers. Plus, a lot more.

Is Social Media Good for Career Growth and Management 1

The quick answer is yes, it does. You need to get active on social media to manage your career. It’s a free platform to broadcast to the world, how good you are, your career assets and attributes and what you can bring to the table. Social media, specifically, LinkedIn, and to a lesser degree, Facebook is uszeful when you are gainfully employed, but even more so when you are in career transition. I would suggest you fully complete your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is page list. It goes on and on, and the more completely you fill it out, the more Google algorithms will send visitors to your LinkedIn profile.  You will get help from Google for free.

You also need to upgrade to the premium if you are in career transition, because you get extra bells and whistles. So be professional, be polite and be proactive on social media. You need to produce content. We’ve all had things that are happening in our career that you probably would like to highlight, and probably like to broadcast to an audience. You also need to start connecting. If you connect with somebody, they may be your next boss. So social media in particular, LinkedIn has a plethora of bells and whistles that you need to use. Use it properly, use it professionally.

If you are in a career transition or want to manage your career, I can help you. Please look me up on social media. I am active on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So go and view my LinkedIn profile and go and view my website,

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