Job Seekers Beware

“You’ve just won $1,000,000! Email your detailed account information now and we’ll send you the money.” We’ve all received some form of Email spam and recognize it for what it is, SPAM! Although it would be nice, there is no doubt that anyone is going to send you a million dollars from some other country unless it’s in your dreams! There are all types of email spam which is directed at a variety of targets including those who are seeking employment. Are you aware of emails referencing resumes that contain an attachment with a virus? Are you aware of the email campaigns by companies that prey on the vulnerability of job seekers making promises in exchange for thousands of dollars that will never be realized? Job seekers beware!

It’s not always easy to recognize that the personalized email regarding your resume is actually a generic, spam email that has been sent to thousands of individuals. Unfortunately, your resume has probably not been discovered nor does the sender have an opportunity for you. We have all been warned not to open attachments from unknown senders but when someone makes reference to your resume, which you have just updated online in the hopes it will be noticed by someone, the anticipation of a potential opportunity overrides the caution normally exercised when unknown attachments are received. If the message is:

“Could I get an update on your resume? Your cooperation will be
appreciated in this matter.
The resume we have on file for you is
http://wxw.careerbu ShareInfo/ Resume.aspx? xxxxxxx DON’T OPEN IT!

Another popular email received by job seekers is also a mass mailing which references your resume and how it caught someone’s attention. Read it carefully and you will notice that the same content could apply to anyone and your resume did not stand out any more than anyone else’s did and no, you did not win the lottery. However, you have been given the opportunity to contact the undersigned for an interview upon which you will be asked to return with your spouse and pay thousands of dollars to obtain the job of your dreams. Search for further details. And remember, recruiters will never ask a job seeker for money as they are working for the employer to fill a position.

Word of mouth is still the best assurance you have to secure the services of a reputable company. Online resources and social media provide a wealth of information including references, company information and contact details. If there is not a real person behind the company name, look elsewhere. The opportunity to easily connect with millions will most often provide a contact who knows someone who you know that will be happy to provide you with a valid recommendation.

Seek out professionals that are accredited in their fields and are highly recommended. Invest in a professional resume, visible online profile, job search strategies, personal branding, career coaching and networking. There could be many along your career path that you will wish to thank for their expertise and support but ultimately the success of your job search will be accredited to one person, YOU!

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