Let your presence be known or send out a red flag

Welcome to 2011! If you have not recognized the emerging career trends over the past few years, this will be the year that you will need to take note or risk limiting your executive career opportunities. Whether in career transition today or possibly in the near future, competition in your job search will be fierce. In order to gain the necessary competitive edge to position yourself for consideration as a potential candidate, you must let your presence be known! If you cannot be found you will be sending out a red flag.

Transparent, authentic, genuine, verified, visible; these are the terms that have emerged and are now here to stay in reference to all professionals, companies or organizations. If you find this uncomfortable or have anything to hide, prepare to change it or accept damaging the potential for advancement in your career or business. Recruiters and hiring professionals are looking online for candidates and will be influenced by those who present a professional, accomplished and thorough representation of themselves. 

Are you sending out red flags that could eliminate you from consideration as a potential candidate? In 2011 you will send out a red flag if:New Picture 24

  • You cannot be found when googled (at the least on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook)
  • Your professional resume does not include a Linkedin address
  • Your online profile does not contain a professional photo
  • You have incomplete information surrounding your work history
  • You share offensive or negative content online

Social media is the fastest growing media in history. Not only is it free, it is the most influential marketing tool to ever emerge, making it a crucial component of executive career management. Embrace social media to let your presence be known and increase your opportunities for success in your job search, your career or your business. 

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