Professional Recommendations

Have you been active in securing professional recommendations from your boss, peers, coworkers, associates, clients, etc? Acquiring recommendations is an ongoing process, one which should be a consideration at every opportunity whether you are in a career search or secure in your current position.

Networking is the most successful tool in any job search so it is critical to maintain and nurture your network on a continuous basis, not just when you need a job. Be sure you do not burn any bridges upon exiting a job. By maintaining your network you will create a comfortable and positive atmosphere for obtaining professional recommendations.

Although your recommendations are not included in your resume, they must be available upon request. Online networking sites, such as Linkedin, Naymz and VisualCV are ideal for displaying your recommendations. A simple request could provide you with glowing reviews and prior to posting you have the opportunity to suggest any changes should there be something you would like noted or a typo that needs to be corrected.

Recently I heard of a request for a recommendation that resulted in their  boss asking them to write their own recommendation and forward it to them for their approval. Accept! It’s a win win situation. The recommendation still comes with the approval of the individual and the organization, saves them time and allows you to highlight your most noteworthy skills!

A successful career involves selling yourself, your talents, your skills and your accomplishments. Professional recommendations are a critical element in validating your expertise.


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