Careers and Career Transitions Post COVID-19

Q & A: Careers and Transitions Post COVID-19

Careers Post COVID 19

How to Navigate a Career Transition

Transitioning functions is going to be very difficult.  You should really knuckle down within your own environment. It’s something you are an expert, then you feel comfortable with them because as soon as you shift across a few degrees, there are other experts and thousands and thousands of experts in that particular area where you might not have that hundred percent expertise and they do. So I would in this recession, I would stick to your guns and market the heck out of where you are right now. And then when the economy goes up, and it will – it’s just the nature of the game, I think it will become more acceptable for you to transition. So, I hate to be the doom and gloom but I’m just being realistic.

Should we focus on Getting Remote Jobs?

Hopefully…let’s keep our fingers crossed, that you, in the corporate world, will be going back to an office in some shape or form, whether you go back five days a week, or whether you go back part-time two or three days a week. Then each corporation is going to be different.  Some want to actually see you in the office, and some will maybe continue that remote working because they want to cut down on the rental of their office footprint, which is huge money. So one job that I wouldn’t recommend you go into right now is office real estate because a lot of the office towers in Toronto, London, New York, Chicago, Sydney, Dubai are going to be empty.

What is the Future of International Mobility in a Covid Border Restrictive Environment?

The world has been locked down. We’ve been locked down. We’d been locked down in our own country in our own house in our own town. Same applies for your career today. I like to think that you could move countries, but it is difficult enough to get a job within your own country, let alone moving, for example, from France to the UK or France to here in Canada or the U.S.  So I would see if you can really market in your own particular country and market the heck out of it. It’s like a bullseye. If you don’t get in that bullseye, you’re going to expand that bullseye and that target and then move out. But the more targeted you are, the better it’s going to be for you.

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