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Who do you know? Who do they know? Who knows you?

If you have invested the time to utilize the vast number of social media resources available today, you may find the answers to these questions quite remarkable, even extraordinary. The opportunity to create an extremely valuable and influential network of people to establish your “social media status” has never been this accessible! Do you want to be known as “The Smartest Man in the World”? Google it and you will see one man who understood the power of social media to create his personal brand clearly and visibly, establishing his online status. As the smartest man in the world it was an easy decision for Saul Colt to embrace the world of social media with the same passion he exudes in his personal brand. You will find Saul Colt on Facebook, Twitter, Naymz, Plaxo, Vimeo, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, ……and that’s just to name a few.

In the past, allocating millions of dollars to advertising in newspapers, radio, TV and billboards could establish an impressive corporate brand. As an individual, you were limited to creating your personal brand within a small group of colleagues, family and friends, unless you were a movie star or entertainer. Today, you can establish a significant brand, recognized by millions, ONLINE and it’s FREE!

An individual’s online profile or an organization’s online profile is the starting point to connect with millions of influential individuals and share a brand, share knowledge and establish a notable status to create a world filled with opportunities! It has been described as “an evolution of individual power” as we have never seen the potential to create such a far reaching network of influence as exists today!

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