The Importance of Career Management

People don’t think twice about engaging a financial planner to help manage their money, but hopelessly go it alone when it comes to their career. Then what happens when they get that inevitable pink slip and there is no more money to manage?

Career Management
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Career management is something to be proactive about at all times – not just when you find yourself in career transition, i.e., unemployed. Recruiters, peers, and other influencers don’t want to just know you when you’re down and out.

Consider their perspective.

If they only hear from you when you’re recovering from a recent termination and feeling desperate, it’s difficult to see your positive qualities and strengths.

Network To Win

If you network consistently, they can see your career wins – not just your losses – and celebrate those with you. Set up a weekly schedule of emails or calls, and rotate the names so that ideally you’re connecting with each key contact at least once every four months.

Say something like, “I’m having a great time at [ABC company] as the [sales manager]. Just recently I [describe your latest accomplishment]. However, I’m always looking out for my next opportunity, so let’s keep in touch!”

Expand Your Network

As you’re maintaining contact with your existing network, you must also be expanding it to strengthen your database. Be selective. Choose networking groups and associations in your defined career area. Take on active roles on the executive or board. This shows you are a thought leader who is highly regarded by your peers.

Find Career Management Help

A career management professional will help you with this process so that you can:

  • Achieve job and career satisfaction
  • Define and communicate your personal brand
  • Improve your leadership skills and business performance
  • Improve your networking proficiency both online and in person
  • Prepare for job interviews and performance reviews

Engaging a career coach will have a significant return on investment. By proactively managing your career, you’ll have more money to funnel to your financial advisor to manage. Just don’t stop when you find your next executive placement. Effective career management is an ongoing activity and powerfully enables you to continually advance your career at a faster pace.

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