Boo! Are you scaring away opportunities or the competition?

Scare away your competition not your opportunities! Successfully managing an Executive Career requires the maintenance of a current resume, establishing a personal brand, career planning, networking, an impressive attire and an updated and professional online photo. If you wish to be noticed and to have a positive influence on those in a position to offer you new opportunities you must look the part!

Authenticity, transparency and a genuine brand are no longer optional. If you find this uncomfortable or insist on discussing your right to privacy, DO NOT consider setting your sights on an executive career. Establishing a false brand will eventually lead to a  disasterous outcome! Just ask Tiger Woods. A conscious decision to withhold information, hide behind an alias or use anything other than a professional photo, is a clear indication that you have something to hide. Opportunities are not offered to those who lack credibility.

Exuding confidence, establishing a consistent and credible brand and presenting a professional appearance could scare away much of your competition and position you in the lead as a potential candidate in your job search. So go ahead and scare away the competition but don’t scare away opportunities by wearing a mask, unless it’s Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Elite Resumes smMartin Buckland, Principal of Elite Resumes provides executive career management services for a global clientele.

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