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If we had to choose the two most powerful personal brands in December, 2009 I believe Santa Claus and Tiger Woods would top the list. If these two individuals were mentioned together only a few weeks ago the emotional response would have been very different than it is today, which is why they provide an excellent example of what Personal Branding Is and the power behind it.

Producing and sharing content has become a daily routine for many people. The population of some social media sites has now exceeded most countries and search engines provide the option to be selective with those connections. These venues are making it easier to generate recognition and “establish” your personal brand but it is critical that what you are selling is authentic. If your actions do not match your established personal brand you may be mistaken for Tiger Woods.

Charles Brown, Web Marketing Coach, provides some valuable information in his article, “Why You Must Produce Content to Build a Personal Brand” and shares his definition of Personal Branding; “Personal Branding  is becoming a recognized expert in a certain niche by producing content that demonstrates knowledge and adds value.”

William Arruda’s article, Could Santa Be The World’s Strongest Brand?, clearly portray’s Santa as the “model brand” as we know what he stands for because it has been a long established, consistent message. He shares tips for a winning brand, “Stand Out. Be consistent. Create an emotional connection. Remain visible to your target audience.”

While most will never reach this level of brand recognition, it is still critical to maintain a credible personal brand. Before you share your personal brand, go beyond your particular expertise and clearly focus on who you are. Your personal brand is all encompassing and must be authentic, genuine and honest! This doesn’t mean you must be a saint. Even Santa says there’s, “naughty and nice”! Hugh Hefner has maintained a powerful brand for many years. A consistent image that is accepted whether you agree or not with his way of life. If Tiger Woods had not established a personal brand that conflicted with who he really is no one, including his wife, would ever have considered going after him with a 9 iron!

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