The Future of Your Job

Are you aware of the future of your job or industry? Is your job one of the Dream Jobs: 6-Figure Salaries and a Bright Future or does it fall within the 10 Disappearing  Jobs as reported by Louise Tutelian on

“Dream Jobs”: Mobile Applications Developer, Global Supply Chain Manager, Financial Advisor, Online Marketing Director, Financial Analyst-Gaming Industry, Sales Manager-Medical Equipment, Radiation Therapist, Business Development Manager-Solar Energy’

“Disappearing Jobs”: Judge, Fashion Designer, Insurance Underwriter, Travel Agent, Newspaper Reporter, Broadcast Announcer, Plant Manager, Chemist, Economist, CEO

If you currently hold one of the “dream jobs”, it is less likely you’ll find yourself in need of changing career direction in the near future but you may want to give some serious consideration if you fall within the list of “disappearing jobs”.

Of course there are no guarantees that come with any job regardless of the industry but keeping abreast of current and future trends just might provide the knowledge necessary to influence a decision that could lead to continued success in your career.

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