Top Factors Influencing Career Advancement

The number of factors that will have an influence on your career advancement are infinite! Some will have a moderate impact and others will significantly affect the successful management of your career. The following are the top 12 factors:

  1. professional resume
  2. online visibility
  3. presentable appearance
  4. networking
  5. confidence
  6. education
  7. positive thinking
  8. leadership abilities
  9. communication skills
  10. career accomplishments
  11. resilience
  12. motivation

Although all of these factors will influence the success of your career, it is more important to recognize that all are completely within your control! It may be necessary to acquire the services of a Professional Resume Writer, Personal Branding Strategist or Executive Coach, but it is clearly within your power to achieve results that will positively impact your potential career advancement.

There is one influencing factor however, that is beyond your control and that is career trends. Without careful consideration of current and future career trends in the management of your career, your career advancement could easily be derailed. The volatility of the automotive industry and affiliated manufacturers in Ontario resulted in hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and as such, it would not have been an ideal industry to focus on career advancement. Certainly economic turbulence has impacted many industries, some more than others but there are those that have waned simply as a sign of the times. Keeping abreast of changing trends will assist you in making the right decisions to optimize the probability to further your career. Although changes in industries and career trends are beyond your control, the decisions made surrounding those trends are yours to make. As such, the decision to transition from one industry to another is becoming more prevalent with employers more aware of changing trends and recognizing the significance of transferable skills.    

The prediction of future trends even by the experts can be somewhat of a precarious endeavour but information on career trends, industry trends and top franchise opportunities is abundant and with careful scrutinizing will reveal some consistent and reliable forecasts. “The Best and Worst Industries of the Next Decade” or “The Top 10 Jobs of 2015 Don’t Exist Today!” are worth the read and monitoring statistics on the increase and decline of specific industries available from the U.S. and Canadian Labour Departments will also assist to keeping you informed.

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