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Career Coaching

Use Common Sense When Sharing Online Information

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, just to name a few, are websites that are available for anyone to share information online.  The following blogs, also just to name a few, have been written about sharing information online and the consequences, positive or negative that can result.  The basic message really is, use a little common sense when you post information to your […]

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President of Sales, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Associate

In today’s economic crisis, the number one job available is in SALES!  These positions are currently the most sought after as an increase in sales could potentially be the key factor in the survival of many companies caught up in today’s economic turmoil. Increasing sales is one of the few definitive options available to the decision makers of many companies and organizations at

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What goes around, comes around!

Some of us are firm believers in what goes around, comes around and as professionals, we spend a great deal of our time networking. Successful networking involves sharing information, experiences, and most importantly, our needs. Understanding what we can do for others and what they can do for us and then following through will sooner

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What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is a methodology available to help people achieve job and career satisfaction.  If compared to career counseling, coaching is more results oriented, less structured and more guided by the clients’ agenda.  While similar to consulting, which focuses on solving problems through providing the right answers, coaching focuses on asking the right questions.  Unlike therapy, which deals

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