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Job Interview

The No-Blank Interview

The No-Blank Interview

How can you prepare for a job interview well enough that you have the holy grail, a no-blank interview where you answer every question without a single blank, frozen silence? Practice and perspective! Practice Rehearse your elevator pitch. Practice introducing yourself and mentioning the characteristics that make you a great match for the job. Research.

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Skype Job Interview Tips


Many companies, especially in the IT industry, are using Skype interviews for preliminary assessments of candidates. It’s a job interview like any other, with a few added technical and environmental concerns. With some preparation and practice, you’ll ace your Skype interview and make a great first impression. Prepare your tech Make sure you have downloaded,

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The Right Smile Is Just as Important as the Right Suit


Knowing first impressions are crucial, you expend effort to polish your resume, develop a memorable handshake, choose a power suit, practice answers for interviews, but what about the right smile? The right smile is just as important as the right suit. Psychologists and social scientists have categorized at least 50 different types of smiles. Academic

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