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Job Search

Professional References

You have presented an impressive cover letter, an enticing and professionally written resume and you are contacted for the job interview.  Once there, you are nothing less than brilliant during your interview in front of a panel of three!  So why was that the last time you heard from them?  One of the most common reasons a highly qualified job applicant is eliminated as a

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Famous Quotes – Career, Success and Choices

“I’ve been in the twilight of my career longer than most people have had a career.” — Martina Navratilova “Don’t drive people working under you; inspire them.” – J. Donald Walters “The decisions you make about your work life are especially important, since most people spend more of their waking lives working than doing anything else.

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Networking Nets Positive Results!

We are pleased to congratulate Anna Mikus on her new postition as Area Operations Manager!  In a recent email, Anna said, “This positiion is purely as a result of NETWORKING.  I am proof that networking really does work!” Thanks were extended to Martin Buckland for facilitating the ExecuNet meetings, “providing excellent networking opportunities”.  Anna went on to say, “In  fact,

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Privacy and Your Online Presence

Recently I posted, Social Networking Sites and Your Job Search. Basically, I wanted to caution job searchers about being somewhat discrete with the personal information they choose to share online since it could have a negative impact on their job search. Today, I’d like to talk about the information that you had better be willing to share or you will be wasting

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Top Earth-Friendly Employers

Officially launched in 2007, the Canada’s Most Earth-Friendly Employers competition is organized by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. This special designation recognizes the employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness in their organizations. These employers have developed exceptional earth-friendly initiatives — and are attracting people to their organizations

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Top 10 Family-Friendly Employers

Now entering its sixth year, the Canada’s Top Family-Friendly Employers competition is organized by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. This special designation recognizes the employers offering the nation’s most progressive and forward-thinking programs for employees with young children. The employers on this list are the leaders in helping employees balance their work and

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Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2008

Canada’s Top 100 employers are those companies and organizations that lead the nation in exceptional working conditions and benefits.  While initiating your job search there is an infinite amount of information available for companies and organizations that will allow you to investigate more than just the job requirements.  You may be persuaded to pursue a specific company rather than a

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The “Talent Shortage”?

“Talent Shortage Emerges as No. 1 Employer Concern” “Our population will begin to shrink and our workforce will dry up.” “Schools in peril across Ontario” “Census Points to shrinking households” “Retirement of baby boomers may reverberate in workplace”, “Enrollment Shrinking, says education minister”, “The Talent Shortage Myth”, The Immigration Squeeze” These are only a few of

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Do you want to be an Astronaut?

The Canadian Space Agency is conducting a national astronaut recruitment campaign at the end of May 2008 to select astronauts to join its Canadian Astronaut Corps. It would be difficult for me to think of an occupation that I have not created a resume for, including a banana grower, a Roman Catholic Nun, a nude model and a ceramic potter, just

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Employees Looking for Work/Life Balance

According to a recent Survey published by Monster, 89% of respondents look for work/life balance programs when evaluating a new job.  Only half of the HR professionals agreed on the importance, which is probably why only 29% of employees who participated in the online survey rated their company’s work/life balance programs as good or excellent. The 2008 Executive Job Market Intelligence

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