Favourite Quotes

Quotes are great resources with the potential to see us through the best and the worst of days. Available to enhance or support any circumstance imaginable and freely shared. Whether we seek a moment filled with humour, motivation, inspiration, understanding, patriotism, humanity, leadership or kindness it can be found in a simple quote. The combination of

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Reignite Rejuvenate Relate

Success in your life, your business or your career will be influenced by enthusiasm, confidence, connections, focus, knowledge and motivation. These ingredients for success are not always easily acquired or maintained and a conscious effort is required to stay on track. The following 3 recommendations are sure to have a positive influence, Reignite, Rejuvenate, Relate. “ReIgnite at the

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Thank You and Best Wishes

Another year is coming to a close and we would like to take this time to thank so many clients, associates, colleagues, new acquaintances and old. The very best of wishes are being sent your way for a wonderful holiday season and a very prosperous career! Please visit our blog and subscribe to our blog posts covering a variety of topics and

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Inspiring Quotes

Stop and smell the roses, a change of scenery, or a series of inspiring and thought provoking quotes; whatever it takes in our busy and sometimes stressful lives, it is important to take a break and create an opportunity to look outside the box. Discover new ideas, re-visit old beliefs and perceptions, seek avenues for rejuvenation, revitalization and re-invention

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Our Olympic Athletes – offering hope in career transition!

Guest Post by Gary Prenevost, FRANNET Canadian athletes set a new world record for the most Gold Medals won by a host country, topping it off with the Gold in men’s hockey. This is one proud Canadian who certainly enjoyed our Olympic “cake” and then experienced the “icing on the cake”, when I stopped at

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Time Out

Inspiration, motivation, determination, drive, confidence! All are necessary components of a successful job search. In today’s economy we are dealing with record high unemployment rates, a fiercely competitive job market and an average of 10 months to secure a senior executive position! It is not always easy to stay positive and sometimes all we need is a Time Out,

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Job Search Advice After Landing

There is no better job search advice than that which is provided by those who have successfully landed a job. Their experiences can provide a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for those who are still seeking a new job. The following advice has been shared after landing a new job: Persistence! Persistent follow-up with prospective employers is necessary but don’t expect that it will result in

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Leadership Quotes

“Leadership is the ability to articulate vision and influence others to move towards achievement.” In today’s challenging economy our global recovery will be achieved through the actions, courage, determination and responsibility of great leaders! Here are a few inspiring quotes on Leadership: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” ~ Peter F. Drucker “A leader must have

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Resume Mistakes

There has been much information shared about common resume mistakes including formatting issues, too many pages, typos, missing contact information, lack of outstanding, noteworthy accomplishments and the list goes on. Although all of these are serious issues as they may very well eliminate you as a potential candidate, this is not exactly what I wanted to share with you today. In contrast to

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Job Search Advice From Lessons Learned

Job Search advice is available from a variety of mediums and many an expert but none seems as valuable or as heartfelt as the advice provided by those after they’ve landed their new job based on lessons learned!  HAPPEN is a leading Canadian Networking organization providing an excellent venue for those seeking employment to share leads, advice and eventually the celebratory events of landing the job!

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Toronto ExecuNet Speaker, Linda Ockwell-Jenner

We are pleased to have Linda Ockwell-Jenner speaking at the Toronto ExecuNet Meeting October 28th, 2009. “To be a successful speaker is not to read from a script, but to talk from the heart. My passion is helping others understand that challenges are just a visitor in our lives.” ~ Linda Ockwell-Jenner An International Professional

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