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Resume Writing

Professional Resume Writing 101-10

 Professional Resume Writing – General Principles Your Resume Should: Immediately impress the reader. Include a dynamic tag line. Be visually appealing and easy to read. Indicate ambition, career aspirations, goals. Focus on your value in relation to employers’ needs. Convey your job related abilities and patterns of performance. Stress your productivity and potential to solve employers’ problems. Validate accomplishments

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Professional Advice – Do Not Offer Personal Information

Whether you are in a job interview or composing your resume,  Do Not Offer Personal Information! There are those who would like to believe otherwise, wanting to believe the decision maker actually cares but the professional advice offered by experts and decision makers confirms, be professional not personal.  Jessica Holbrook, a former Executive Hiring Manager for Fortune 500 companies and

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Is your resume ready?

Don’t be complacent! The global economy has experienced unprecedented stress. Mass lay-offs, corporate restructuring, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, business closures, unions walk out, company relocates to far away country; all are headlines that have become so prevalent that fear seems to have evolved into complacency. Make no mistake, the consequences are job losses, across all industries, levels and functions. Whether you have been

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Professional Resume Writing 101-8

Professional Resume Writing – Not Your Life Story As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I have critiqued thousands of resumes and I am amazed at how many contain irrelevant information and focus on responsibilities rather than achievements. A resume is not your life story. No one cares. If your life story were so interesting, you’d have a book deal! The

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Professional Resume Writing 101-7

Professional Resume Writing – Your Marketing Tool Remember to always consider your audience and the purpose when composing your resume.  Your resume is your personal advertisement and your most critical marketing tool! Develop a resume that structures the reader’s thinking around your objective, qualifications, strengths and projections of future performance. Make your resume generate positive thinking rather

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Professional Resume Writing 101-6

Professional Resume Writing – Catch the Attention There are many techniques available to entice a potential employer to read your resume and to enliven the reading process. The reader of your resume has neither the time or the inclination to read your sentences twice to obtain a clear understanding. To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep your sentences under 20 words. A

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Professional Resume Writing 101-5

Your Resume – Opportunity or Elimination A potential employer is investing only a few seconds when reviewing your resume hoping to find a match between your work history, knowledge and skills, education, training and achievements and their requirements. If found, you will receive the opportunity of a job interview. They are also looking for any reason to eliminate you

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Professional Resume Writing 101-4

Professional Resume Writing – Soft Skills Does your written resume exude your soft skills, highlighting those personality traits that are in constant demand by employers? You may have included details about some significant decisions that you made in the best interest of your employer. You may have listed details of accepting responsibilities and included quantifiable accomplishments. These details, although critical and impressive fall short of reflecting your

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Professional Resume Writing 101-3

Professional Resume Writing  – Do’s and Don’ts How does your resume look?  Does it resonate with clarity and confidence?  Do the words speak louder than the design?  Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of preparing a professional looking and electronically friendly resume: Do, use a good quality white paper.  Don’t use dark, colourful or patterned paper. Do,

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Professional Resume Writing 101-2

Professional Resume Writing – Basic Elements There are some basic elements that are necessary in all resumes.  Begin with your identification, followed by a striking introductory paragraph, work experience and education. Your identification consists of your name and contact information.  Display your full name, even if you are commonly known by your nick name.  Barbie, Barb or Babs will not

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Professional Resume Writing 101

Professional Resume Writing Styles Before writing your resume, there are three basic styles you will need to consider:  Combination, Functional and Chronological. The Combination Resume is the most common of the three styles and is literally a combination of the Functional and the Chronological resume, listing the positions in reverse chronological order as well as a succinct description of your

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LinkedIn Address

If you have a professional career or are looking for one, chances are you have a LinkedIn profile.  When you created your profile you also generated a URL address that consisted of numbers and dashes, www.linkedin.com/in/m-buckland-749/729/75. You have the opportunity to maintain this address to consist solely of your name instead of the numbers and dashes that were automatically

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Will Your Resume Get You In The Door?

Your resume will get you in the door or it will not! Some believe their expertise on their resume will guarantee them the opportunity to walk through the door for a job interview. And there are those who believe their well written cover letter will get their foot in the door. Others feel that writing a resume to match the job description is the

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Are Professional Resume Writers Worth The Expense?

Are Professional Resume Writers Worth The Expense? This was the question posted on Linkedin last week and I felt compelled to answer it despite my bias, as I was somewhat taken aback by some serious misconceptions. This is an economy where hundreds of resumes are being submitted for one position. All vying for an opportunity to get noticed and

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