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Should ‘References Available Upon Request’ be on your resume or CV?

Should 'References Available Upon Request' be on Your Resume?

The answer to this question is a resounding, ‘No’. If you include, ‘References Available Upon Request’, you are Instantly dating yourself. We have not put ‘References Available Upon Request’ on a resume for at least a decade. You should have your references typed up on a nice clean sheet, and you should give them to …

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Top 5 Resume Tips

Top 5 Resume Tips | Martin Buckland

These are my top 5 resume tips: #1 No Typos It’s the first impressions that count. When you have a typo or a grammatical error, your resume will be tossed aside. Remember that you are in a competition. You want to constantly make yourself come out as number one. With today’s word processing systems like …

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Writing a Resume that Shows You Are a Powerhouse

Write a Resume that Shows You Are a Powerhouse

With your experience, it seems like writing a resume that demonstrates your value would be easy, right? Unfortunately, writing a resume that resonates with hiring managers and sets you apart as a powerhouse in your industry can prove challenging. These tips can help you ensure your resume strikes a chord with hiring managers.

Resume Bloopers – Video

resume bloopers video

As a professional resume writer for over 20 years, I’ve given thousands of resume critiques, and every day, I continue to be astounded by the lack of attention to grammar, spelling, and language from clients at every level. Check out some of these bloopers I have encountered over the years.