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Social Media

How do you look?

As you walk in to your job interview you can be assured that your physical appearance will strongly influence the decision makers. Current style, well groomed and a professional attire will all contribute to a positive first impression. But how do you look online? Melissa Bell, The Washington Post’s article, Online Exploits Can Derail Hiring […]

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89 Percent Will Use Social Media for Recruiting

A recent Jobvite survey showed 89% of employers will use social media for recruiting this year. For those currently using social media, 64% said they had hired people through a social network. John Zappe, ere.net provides an exceptionally informative article, More Employers Than Ever Recruit On Social Network elaborating on data from the Jobvite survey

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Your Career Needs Social Media – Get Started

A job search, successful career path, credible reputation; all require a social media presence or you will disappear as a viable candidate. According to statistics, many reading this will already have established their social media profiles but for those still needing the support to get started follow these basic steps because your career needs social

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Personal or Corporate Branding and Authenticity

One loud voice and millions of unheard voices is a fair analysis of years gone by but social media is changing everything from the political landscape to corporate social responsibility. Transparency and accountability; genuine, authentic and legitimate; these are the attributes that social media has unearthed and placed at the forefront in the success of

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Options Increasing for a Professional Online Presence

Those who are serious about managing their careers have established a profile on Linkedin, recognized as the number 1 social media site for professionals. With over 100 million users and over 80% of recruiters and HR professionals searching for potential candidates, it is without a doubt a critical resource in career management. Competition, as it

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Fear Not – Social Media

There are many reasons for putting things off  but when referring to social media, is it possible that your procrastination is fuelled by fear? The term “social media” is one which still generates a blank look from many. Although everyone knows what Facebook is, social media tends to be associated with some kind of complex fad. It is anything but a passing

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Twitter Lists

If you have not yet created your profile on Twitter, you are missing out on the 2nd most popular social media site available. It’s easy to use! It’s free! It’s real time! It has over 200 million users! It has influenced the election of a President, saving a rain forest, a new wheelchair, accountability from corporations, money

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Social Media Dominated by Middle-Aged Users

There are still many people who believe social media is just for kids when in fact, social media is dominated by middle-aged users. A Royal Pingdom study of the following 19 sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Slashdot, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed, Last.fm, Friendster, LiveJournal, Hi5, Tagged, Ning, Xanga, Classmates.com, Bebo shows not one of these sites were dominated by

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Online Information Predicting Your Future

If you are a senior professional in 2010, you likely have a web page, a blog post, Linkedin profile, Facebook Page, Twitter profile and a significant Google presence. Maintaining a professional profile is important in managing your career but did you know that the information you post could be used by an employer to predict your future within

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Linkedin Network Statistics

If you are one of over 80 million professionals with a profile on Linkedin, have you checked your Network Statistics lately? Linkedin provides an exceptional social media site for professionals to network, share information, join groups, find company information and present a positive impression to HR professionals and recruiters but it also provides some interesting Network Statistics.   

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