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Social Media

Social Media and Your Reputation

Social media has provided a forum that resonates authenticity and transparency. Are you using it accordingly to develop a genuine and credible profile? Or have you chosen to hide behind an artificial image and an alias for a name? All social media profiles require two basic pieces of information, a photo/image and a name. If you are creating a personal profile it is […]

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Are you damaging your reputation with online comments?

Think before you post! Rationalize, be considerate, polite and professional. Don’t damage your reputation by letting your emotions get the best of you and posting online comments in haste for all the world to see that you can NEVER take back! If necessary, take the time to walk away and respond at a later time or date. There is nothing

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Media consumes more time than sleep or work

Media consumption has increased an hour per day over the past two years according to a recent Ipsos OTX Study. This means we now spend one-half of our waking days interacting with media which exceeds the amount of time we spend sleeping or working! This is a significant increase according to a past study  over the previous 8 years, which showed media consumption had increased 2

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Twitter is…

…informative, interesting, newsworthy, user-friendly, uncomplicated, inspiring, fun, professional, social, influential, real-time, networking, marketing, mobile, private tweets, public tweets, retweets  And Twitter is: 140 character tweets providing links to anything CNN Breaking News and The New York Times tweeting for over 5 million followers  Searching #hashtags for relevant feedback Immediate, non-invasive feedback from large audiences to live presenters Communication for virtual events A

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Claim Your Name and Establish Your Brand

While you may have chosen to ignore the phenomenal success of social media opting for a low profile citing privacy as a primary concern, you may very well discover that your reputation has been more negatively affected by remaining invisible than if you had established a visible online profile. It is inevitable that your name will come to life online with or without your input.

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Networking Utilizing Social Media

How will multiple job offers impact your career? Since more jobs are secured through networking than all other job search methods combined, it only stands to reason that a strong commitment to networking will generate an increase in opportunities and the potential for multiple job offers. There are endless resources to network in person and it is important to respond to a

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