The Importance of a Cover Letter

There are many opinions regarding the importance or relevance of a cover letter in today’s job search. Rather than wonder whether the additional effort should be invested to create this very valuable introductory letter, it is in your best interest to err on the side of caution! It is unlikely you will have the inside scoop as to whether a particular recruiter or employer is looking for a cover letter so don’t take the risk.┬áIf there is an organization that may not have an interest in a cover letter they will not choose to eliminate a potential candidate for providing one but you can be assured those expecting a cover letter will likely see it as a very good reason for elimination.

A Cover Letter Can Be a Powerful Selling Tool provides information on the importance of a cover letter and details regarding the content necessary to ensure you create the opportunity to sell yourself as a potential candidate for the position your are seeking.

There are five types of cover letters for consideration:

Advertisement – your response to sell yourself as the ideal candidate for a specific, advertised position

Recruiter – an introduction to a recruiter to sell yourself as valuable potential candidate to their organization

Direct Mail – target a specific company or organization to sell yourself as an interested, highly qualified candidate

Networking – share key contacts to establish credibility and a genuine connection to sell yourself as the ideal candidate for an available position or introduction to a company

Pain – seize the opportunity to portray yourself as proactive, looking for new challenges and ready to tackle critical business issues in this introduction to solicit a position which will allow you to resolve their pain

Check out these Sample Cover Letter Samples from Elite Resumes.

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