These are some of the words used by winners of, Top 40 Under 40 2007, in describing their personal qualities relating to their success.  This award was founded in 1995 by Douglas Caldwell, chairman of Caldwell Partners Inc. and honours those under 40 who have shown vision, leadership, innovation, achievement and have made an impact and been involved in their community.  Mr Caldwell said, “I call these people swans”, explaining that the honorees are smart, work hard, are ambitious, “and they are also nice people”.

From across the country and across a spectrum of sectors from business, to science, to civil service and acadamia, these 40 winners were asked to share one piece of advice that has helped them to succeed.  These are some of their responses:

“The easiest way to appear honourable is to actually be honourable.”

“If someone helps you, you have the responsibility to help someone else.”

“Focus on improving yourself (or your own business) and never put down others (or competitors).”

“That the seven worst words in the English language are ‘because we’ve always done it this way’.”

“Always seek out situations of discomfort; if you are comfortable it’s time to move the goal line.”

“Keep it simple, have alternatives, be prepared, keep your head up, and don’t coach in the NHL.”

I am honoured to report that three of my clients are among these “Top 40 Under 40” award recipients and I would like to personally congratulate them as well as all of the others on receiving this most prestigious award in acknowledging them as the top 40 young leaders in Canada.

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