Networking for Job Opportunities

The most dramatic changes we have seen in networking for job opportunities are related to Internet use and specifically, social media. Gone are the days when your entire network consisted of friends, family and co-workers. Today we are able to connect with millions of people and target specific industries, companies and people opening up a whole new list of job search strategies and increased job opportunities.

Not so long ago, a company interested in hiring would have put an advertisement in a newspaper, you would submit your resume and then sit back hoping to be called in for an interview. Today, they are more likely to post the position on the Internet. Whether a company or recruiting website or job boards, an online search has the potential to provide results for thousands of jobs from around the world. The emergence and rapid growth of social media has given recruiters and HR professionals the resources to seek out potential candidates through online profiles and studies show 80% are logging in to Linkedin. With access to 60 million professionals it’s no wonder! With a population greater than all but two countries in the world, Facebook is evolving into the ultimate social media networking and marketing tool. Gone are the days when only businesses actively marketed products and services. Potential candidates are networking online to market their expertise and position themselves as the next CEO or VP.

Networking with HR professionals and recruiters is an obvious and necessary component of your job search online and off. So too, is attending networking meetings to share information with other professionals in career transition and develop valuable contacts and leads. What about networking with employees? Those who are gainfully employed could offer a valuable connection as many companies offer their employees a substantial bonus, $2,000 to $10,000 for referring a potential candidate who is successfully hired to fill a position.

Networking is the most successful job search tool available surpassing all other strategies combined. Online job boards account for only 3-5% of jobs so the next time you are online, allocate your time accordingly. Present a professional online profile, update your status regularly and NETWORK online and off to secure job opportunities and land the job that’s right for you!

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