Kickstart Program

Kickstart Program


The Kick Start Program is a quick and cost-effective short-term program including coaching, resume and cover letter.

What’s Included:

Included in the Kickstart Service Package are 4 hours of personalized one-on-one Executive and Career Coaching by phone or Skype with Martin Buckland to expedite the execution of your new career development plan to be used in any way you like:

  • 4 hours of executive coaching included
  • Develop a personal brand,
  • Hone your ability to network online and in person,
  • Ignite your interview skills,
  • Create a career plan, or
  • Simply learn how to regain a healthy work/life balance and still pursue the career you

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Our resumes have a high success rate when people partner with us to market themselves actively.

If you are ready to put your skills and talents to work for you – then we would like to work with you.

First, we’ll kickstart your career growth with a new ATS-friendly resume to exude and express your personal brand differentiators and entice the reader with achievement-based stories.

Next, you need a cover letter. No, cover letter’s aren’t dead. In fact, many people don’t realize the various types of cover letters. As part of the Kickstart program, you get one cover letter from your choice of: Advertisement, recruiter introduction, direct mail, and networking.

Define, refine and refocus: Martin’s Kickstart Executive Coaching will help you define your strengths, refine your message and refocus your goals, teaching you to manage your online presence and use networking and social media to your advantage. An executive coach will examine all your skills, experience, and career stories and help you evaluate what information gives the best impression and is likely to catch the eyes and ears of hiring influencers.

Brand and promote: Create a personal brand with your coach and watch your visibility soar by marketing your career differentiators to a target audience: HR professionals, recruiters, and your professional network. A coach will teach you executive strategies to promote yourself effectively and successfully so that you can network and interview with complete confidence and be assured you are presenting yourself with authority.

“Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing lasting personal change.” Ivey Business Journal

Hone and polish: Use the personal brand you develop with Martin, combined with interview coaching, to sharpen your presentation skills and make an impactful first impression. From how to introduce yourself to polishing your interview skills for your new career goals, a coach will help you present yourself at the level you desire so you stand above the competition.

Kickstart Executive Coaching is about listening carefully to your skills, experience, goals, and needs, then putting it all together in a cohesive, authentic personal brand that effectively promotes you as a great choice for the right position for you. Coaching sparks greater confidence in the ability to introduce and talk about yourself, customizing your message to the audience. All the skills you’ve learned, the experiences you acquired, your career goals and needs, packaged and presented with polish and assurance every time in every format. Be ready to jump to the next level!

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