SOAR Program

SOAR Program

The Soar Program has that perfect balance between the ‘all in’ white glove service of the Presidential Suite, and the basics of Kickstart. It has been designed to help you fast track your growth and get you to that C-suite position in a hurry.

The Soar Program includes:

  • A Corporate Resume Highlighting your skills and experience and targeted to a very specific audience. Making you the STAR of your career journey with emphasis on your One Word, Personal Brand and Value Proposition supported by quantifiable accomplishment statements and handpicked keywords.
  • 3 Cover Letters, each written for a specific purpose. While it’s true 50% of hiring influencers don’t read a cover letter, for the other 50% a well-written cover letter could make the difference in opening doors and elevating your candidacy.
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation – If you are not on LinkedIn, you are committing executive career suicide.  A professionally written profile with an enticing career story, the right industry “buzz” words, and examples of your positive impact at each employer, not only boosts your online presence, but presents you as an undeniable potential applicant to the hiring influencers that mine LinkedIn looking for talent.
  • 5 hours of Executive and Career Coaching As a leading multi-credentialed global Executive Career Management Professional specializing at the senior level, Martin will lead you through a customized executive and career coaching strategy. Together you will explore the core attributes and skill set pertinent to your career goals, identify gaps and then you choose how best to utilize this 5-hour coaching package.


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