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Do Your Credentials Match Your Career Plan?

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Life after university or college isn’t a cakewalk. Just because you’ve graduated with a degree or diploma from an institute of higher learning doesn’t mean your education should stop.

Executive recruiters, HR professionals, and other influencers in your career advancement (including myself as a career coach), would all encourage you to take further credentials.

Here are three ways to find the best training options for you:

  1. A good annual career plan review will encompass an evaluation of your designations and other education, and highlight when further training is required.
  2. Use LinkedIn and web search to survey your network and your competitors, to see what training your peers are taking to advance their careers. Conduct informational interviews with people who hold the credentials you are contemplating. Ask them what the value has been to their career.
  3. Some industry associations, depending on the size, have a designated person to help you select your next academic qualification. They may also have an internal certification diploma or other designation that would benefit your career advancement.

Finding training programs has never been easier than it is today, and never before have I seen such an array of opportunities to upgrade your knowledge and skills. A simple web search will reveal a plethora of in-person and online options in virtually any area of study.

Even though we are not in a recession, and hiring in most of the Western world is quite robust, you are still in a competition and it can be tough. One of your differentiators can be your willingness to take further education. What does that tell a future employer or executive recruiter?

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