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A friend accepted an Interim Management position. What is it?

Today’s topic is a friend accepted an interim management position. What is that? So interim management is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s recruitment. It’s more for the more mature professional. So somebody may be at the latter end of their career who is wanting to accept a embrace, a new challenge.

So basically in a nutshell, break it down to the basics. It’s a temporary leadership position where your skillset and each one of you viewing today and the and the repeat have a particular niche, a particular skillset is wanted for a particular time. It might not be available internally, or they wanna bring in an external expert.

To shake the business up. And that’s what a lot of exe executive recruiters in interim management are looking for on their mandate. So normally the, the, the. Appointment is for a fast turnaround, a fast action. So somebody who’s very passive, probably couldn’t fill a, an executive management, interim management position.

So basically it’s a temporary leadership position with a particular specific and often very challenging and demanding mandate. So it can come on short notice without shackles of full employment. So to give you an example executive recruiters in full-time, executive recruiting and inter interim management, and we will talk about how to get into inter interim management in a couple of minutes.

Have called me at eight o’clock at night, eight o’clock at night, and want me to go on my data. To see if I’ve got a CF or a CEO or a COO because they wanna start the following day or the following Monday. It’s that quick. It’s not like normal executive recruitment, so it could be. Call this afternoon to start tomorrow, Thursday or Friday, or sometime next week.

So it’s a very, very quick process. It happens so quickly because interim management is required like a S A P, so it’s to fill a particular and often very demanding and challenging mandate. Maybe an illness. Some one of an executive has fallen sick or gone on maternity leave. So it’s, it’s, it is to fill a particular precise mandate.

It could be very in crisis management oriented. It could be for a major restructure or turnaround where they want somebody to come in fresh blood, fresh minds to look at the business and. Act decisively. Maybe not something for an internal candidate. So think about if you are going to go towards interim management.

Think about that challenge because it can be very demanding. Now, anybody got any comments, any questions, not just related to today’s topic, but it could be related to career management. Please put them in the comments and I will answer them as I go. So interim management I see is really growing in stature.

There are a lot more corporations, companies across the world, not just here in Canada, but across the world, looking for interim management executives. As I say, it’s more people at the executive level and at the latter end of their career with a specific skillset, a specific function, specific silo.

So the tenure can be anything from a few weeks to, sometimes it leaves if you did a good job, they may terminate somebody internally or there is already a space to fill and it can end up as a permanent position. So I’ve seen many of my clients who’ve taken inter interim management position. Turn up as a lead to a permanent position, but it can just be for a few weeks.

Some people go from one interim management to the next one, to the next one, to the next one. They don’t want to go back into a full-time gig, a full-time employment. They like that challenge that gets their blood growing. They’re, they’re adrenaline going because there is a demand, but also it can be very, very financially beneficial.

So they tend to pay above the normal rate. And of course, you are not an employee, so you’re a contract employee, so that will entitle you to more money. So yeah, it can be very, very very financially re rewarding. And it’s also can be very negotiable. So you will start off on a certain level and then you maybe get, if you perform and you do this, and you do that part of the mandate, then you get more pain.

So that you need to be very acutely aware of what your mandate is and the milestones to get to a higher salary as you accomplish that particular. Please feel free if anybody’s got any any, any questions. I’m more than happy to answer them. So yeah, it can be very financially rewarding. Now, how do you get those jobs?

Well, they’re not normally advertised on the job boards. In fact, very few jobs, if you’ve been listening to me on Tuesdays at two and watch my YouTube channel are advertised anyway, they are normally coming through executive recruiters now. Just about five or six years ago, I only knew about three or four or five interim management, executive recruiters.

Now I know many, many, many in various cities across the world, a lot of the global. Executive recruitment firms and the domestic flagship executive search firms have now appointed executive recruiters, specifically nothing else specifically to do into interim management. And their job, their mandate is to go and source these, enter interim candidates fast.

Like I said, a few minutes ago, fast. It could be an appointment starting tomorrow morning. It’s that. So there are many executive recruiters in interim management. That is all they do. They don’t do full-time, but they work in the same company at the same recruitment firm. So they’re normally not normally advertised.

It’s a very niche recruitment and that’s how you are going to get your next job if you are interim management. So it’s all career manage. I’ve been talking about many, many times, all tu every Tuesday at two, and all my other presentations is all about relationship management. So if you are contemplating interim management, maybe later on this year or next, start building relationships with executive recruiters in interim management now, because that doesn’t happen overnight, but the recruitment happens overnight and it’s fast.

It really is. So there are specific executive recruiters. So if you’re interested, call up the reception and ask for the name of the executive recruiter who specializes in inter interim management. And then see if you can get your foot in the door and your name on their particular database. So when there’s something that becomes available with your skillset, your.

Skillset for a new challenge, a demanding challenge, an interim management position you will be called. So that just about wraps it up. Anybody got any comments? I’m more than happy to answer them. Anybody want a free, no obligation resume critique? I’ll put my, there’s my. My email address at the bottom there, I’m gonna have to give you 30 minutes of my time for a free, no obligation resume critique.

I’ll go through it from top to bottom, or a LinkedIn audit or a combination of the two. I will go through your LinkedIn audit from, LinkedIn, from top to bottom two. And I’m really passionate about helping people and reach their career goals. Now, if interim management is on your radar, then hopefully you’ve gained some, a little bit of information today about interim management, and it is growing.

So more and more corporations are looking for executives to be parachuted in for a particular time with a particular c. So unless I hear from you, unless I have any other comments or whatever, I’m more than happy to take any comments. Please go to my YouTube channel where I have many, many YouTube videos talking about various things to do with executive career management.

Our next topic, and this is bound to bring in lots of people, is what is an ATS resume? An ATS resume slash cv automated tracking system that is the particular. Resume that has to go through that scanning application. So join me next week for another Tuesdays at two when we will talk about an ATS resume, an ATS CV.

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