First Impressions

We have all heard it so many times before but it is a reminder that needs to be said again and again, “You do not get a second chance to make a good first impression”!  Your look, your information, your voice, your words; everything you say and do creates an impression and if you want the job you better do whatever is necessary to create a positive and professional impression!

What is your impression if someone…….

…sends you documentation expecting a response but neglects to include their email address or phone number?

…leaves you a voice mail including a phone number but you’ve listened to it ten times and still can’t understand it?

…enters the room you are in and their perfume or cologne is so overpowering that you have to leave?

…has so many tatoos and body piercings that you can’t help but stare?

…walks into a job interview unshaven and in casual attire when applying for an executive position?

…shakes your hand with with a very limp handshake?

…reeks of booze and cigarettes?

…enters into a conversation with you but never looks you in the eye?

…spends most of your meeting preoccupied with their Blackberry?

…is comfortable engaging in foul language on your first introduction?

…sends you a letter and your name is spelled wrong?

First impressions are lasting impressions!  Get it right the first time because, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”!

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