Best time of year for a job search

BEST Time Of Year For A Job Search!

You’ll be Surprised

When is the best time of the year to conduct a job search?

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What are the three best months to look for a job? July, August, and December. Now, people are going to be astounded. They are going to be floored. Why? Let me tell you why.  In July and August, 70% of your competition drop out of the job search.  Do the arithmetic. If you are only fighting against 30% versus the hundred percent, don’t you think that’s going to bring you huge value? You can march on a lot faster.

Let us look at it from another perspective. Decision-makers do take a vacation, but hiring still has to go on. They still need to fill vacancies during those months. And yes, even in December, as we approach Christmas and other celebrations and religious celebrations.

You need to up your search in July, August, and December.

I have had three clients in the last three or four years sign their contracts, their job offers, at about seven or eight o’clock at night on Christmas Eve.

Are you surprised? You’re not alone. 70% of your peers in a job search are highly surprised.

I can help!

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