Boom! Executive Job Search Just Got Tougher

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of senior executives across North America, started the new year not with a resolution but with a forced job search. Just this week, Bombardier Inc. announced 1,000 job losses in Mexico and Kansas; Suncor Energy Inc. proclaimed a 1,000 slash in jobs, and Target Canada are commencing liquidation of all 133 stores, impacting 17,600 employees.

While not all of these 19,000+ job losses are at the senior level, an executive job search requires a unique and targeted career transition plan. We all know that the higher the level you hold, the fewer available opportunities and potentially, the longer you linger in job search mode. As of this week, the executive job search market just got tougher as more senior business leaders will now compete for fewer executive opportunities in a lessening job market.

While many executives might be initially tempted to postpone their job search until the final days of employment, or even plan on using their severance package to subsidize a period of personal downtime, the senior executive who already has a career management action plan knows how to retain their prominence as a business leader.

What are the components of an executive career management action plan?

It’s an…ability to articulate your personal brand and define your career differentiator.

It’s an… updated executive resume that promotes your personal brand and shares compelling accomplishment-based stories that compel the reader to call you for an interview.

It’s an…understanding of the various types of types of cover letters beyond just an advert and knowing how and when to utilize each type of letter.

It’s an…ongoing social media presence generating a high Google ranking and positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.

It’s an…effective network of influence engaging not only in networking while gainfully employed but also understanding the value in having at least 3 in-person meetings every day while in career transition.

It’s an…ability to go beyond the norm and market your expertise using tools like videoBIO, a personal website, and seeking industry experts who can help you uncover hidden opportunities to expedite your job search.

The executive job search market just got tougher but with the proper attitude, optimism and targeted career management plan, I firmly believe all of the senior executives impacted by the announcements this week will continue to flourish in 2015.

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