Career Trends and Transition 2010

If you are interested in advancing your career in 2010 your number one task should be a thorough research of emerging career trends. Even if you are not one of the hundreds of thousands of executives who found themselves unexpectedly thrown into a career transition in 2009, you may be influenced by your research to voluntarily consider a career transition in 2010!

Maintaining a successful career is dependent on a healthy, growing industry and acquiring those skills which are in highest demand. Following career trends and positioning yourself in a growing industry will increase the probability of career advancement. The transition into a more secure industry may not be as difficult as you may think as many skills are transferable. A project engineer will have a greater opportunity for career advancement in the aerospace industry than in the automotive industry.

Career trends are influenced by many factors including our environment, social evolution and our economy. Although our economic recession has had a dramatic impact over the past 2 years resulting in unprecedented job losses, it is a temporary influence as many of the hardest hit occupations, architecture and engineering are expected not only to recover but forecasts show continued growth through 2018. This is not the case for production supervisors and managers where the decline in employment, experienced over the past ten years is expected to continue into 2018 as North American manufacturers struggle to survive moving their production overseas to cut labour costs. Environmental concerns combined with new legislation have provided a wealth of “green jobs” and Generation Y are demanding a balanced work/life career influencing change in the workplace. Many companies are providing more flexible work schedules, increased vacation and further training and educational development programs. Canada’s Top 100 Employers is published annually and includes the reasons these companies were selected, providing a valuable glimpse into emerging trends in the workplace that will impact career trends.

Be smart and stay informed. The dramatic increase in our aging population has resulted in thousands of new jobs within the health care industry despite the recession. This is an industry that is expected to see continued growth in  all sectors. The demographics of our aging population, new and emerging markets, predicted skills shortages, recruiting practices, company benefits and industry lay offs all have an impact on career trends. Following these trends will provide you with the knowledge you need to maintain a viable career path and ensure the maximum potential for career advancement and continuing success in your future career.

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