Changing The Direction Of Your Career

Have you been following a career path based on past history without  considering current or emerging trends? Is your current career negatively impacting your health? Are you bored or just plain unhappy with your job? Perhaps today is the day you need to give serious consideration to changing the direction of your career.

Although predictions of future trends are just that, predictions, most credible sources should not be ignored especially if it could have a direct impact on your career. Analyzing emerging trends could provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime to become involved in the products or services needed to satisfy the demand that trends create. Keeping abreast of current trends could also provide you with the fortitude necessary to transition out of a failing business. Check out CB Online, Trends to Follow for Success in 2011

A highly stressful job can have a devastating impact both emotionally and physically. Whether it is a long term career which has become more stressful over time or a specific job that no longer provides the satisfaction or sense of accomplishment that it once did, your health could be at risk. Are you experiencing more sick days than usual? Are you lacking the drive necessary to get you through the day? Is it job related? Changing the direction of your career may be the answer to a healthier and happier life. Jim Taggert writes, Is Work-Life Balance Beyond Our Reach?

Fear of change or of the unknown can present unnecessary hindrances to your career success. Changing the direction of your career can be a daunting or unnerving decision to make. Share your commitment and goals with friends and family. Locate professional  organizations in your community to network with other professionals in career transition. Seek out success stories as found at Stuart Knight’s, HumanDetour:

“She was on her way to becoming a big wig at a big company when things came crashing down. Instead of seeing things as a loss, she saw it as an opportunity.”

“This lady is insanely positive, resilient and successful for it! Sammie used to work in a hospital and now she is the founder and owner of a hugely popular fitness organization.”

“She was  a high school math teacher who became a fashion designer in New York City.”

Seeking the advice of career professionals, a Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, a Certified Personal Branding Strategist or a Certified Job Search Trainer will assist you in setting a clear and concise course of action to changing jobs or the direction of your career. A Certified Professional Resume Writer will have the ability to revamp your resume easily recognizing key transferable skills and highlighting those accomplishments that are relevant to the  new career direction.

Take the initiative and seek out the necessary knowledge, be committed to a healthy work life balance, proceed with the support of colleagues and gain confidence working with career professionals to sell your transferable skills to your next potential employer to transition into a new field or industry.

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