Elevator Speech

If you are in career transition you have prepared an elevator speech. Yes? Maybe you refer to it as your infomercial? Your elevator pitch? No? Ok, elevator speech, infomercial or elevator pitch, the bottom line is you need one.

An elevator speech is a critical job search resource that will enable you to create a positive, informative and lasting impression. It should be practiced and refined constantly and relayed at every opportunity; a networking event, riding the bus, in the doctor’s office, a convention, cold calls to potential employers, job interviews and career fairs where it’s imperative that you make a quick, memorable and decisive impression.

Elevator Speech

The saying, “practice makes perfect” is true. The more polished and rehearsed you are the better an impression you will make. An  Elevator Speech provides the listener with succinct information; a snapshot of your past and a snapshot of your future. It should consist of words that are used in your vocabulary frequently and articulated slowly enough for listeners to comprehend the message. Use it to emphasize your uniqueness, your competitive advantage and the benefits you will provide upon your new appointment, coupled with a  brief glimpse into your career history.

An elevator speech is as essential as a business card. It is an impressive articulation of who you are, what you do, what you are looking for and how you can help others; a professional pitch with the potential to leave a lasting impression that could lead you to your next job opportunity.

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