4 Elements of a Job Posting

Focus on These 4 Elements of a Job Posting

Today’s post is about what to look for in a job posting.

4 elements of a job posting

A job posting is a critical element. You need to look at it in detail. You need to look at the keywords. What keywords do you think they’re trying to relay to you that you have, and then you need to put those keywords in your resume and your cover letter. Keywords are very vital.

Number two is the job requirements. Now do yourself a favor and the screening manager, the HR department, or the executive recruiter only please only apply for jobs where you think you are the candidate; don’t apply for jobs where you only have a 50% chance.  You are wasting your time and you are wasting the hiring manager’s time. So, make sure you have all the job requirements.

Next is, do you meet the corporate culture? Each company, each employer has their own corporate culture. You need to explore, you need to examine that corporate culture. So there are other videos in this series on how to uncover corporate culture, but corporate culture is another vital element. If you don’t fit into that corporate culture, you won’t get past the interview stage to the offer.

Number four, and this is very important. Look at the day when the application is going to close. Now, each posting varies, but there is a sort of a rule of thumb that old postings on job boards are normally there for four weeks. Sometimes it’s three. Sometimes it’s five or maybe even six. It depends on how fast they want to recruit.  I would suggest the best time in that three-to-six-week timeline is to apply about the middle of that timeline. Don’t leave it to the last minute. They will take it off on a Friday normally, and then it won’t be seen again.

So what do they do after that closing? They then take 10 business days to assess all the resumes that have come in. And then if you’re lucky, if you meet all that criteria, you’ve got the keywords, you’ve got the corporate culture, hopefully you will be called. So now you have all the information on what to look for in a job post. Hopefully, you’ve gained a lot of information from this post.

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